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Momentive's Silopren silicone rubbers provide a number of key performance properties, including arc and tracking resistance, hydrophobicity recovery (even in highly polluted areas), excellent weather, ozone and UV stability, easy processing with short production cycles, colorability, low weight/density, excellent electrical insulation and outstanding performance in a wide temperature range.
com) unveiled its StarClearTPE 1000 for applications that require transparency, soft touch, and high-quality colorability in healthcare, electronics, home appliances, sports/leisure, and automotive.
The main focus of this study was to determine whether the colorability of ASA can be predicted using the modified Gladstone-Dale equation to calculate the intermediate refractive index of resins, the blended resins, the ASA rubber, and the final ASA product by summing the calculated refractive index for each polymer fraction.
Another advantage of this translucent color is their outstanding colorability.
8220;Particularly in the areas of improved comfort and colorability, our new work wear products will provide major benefits for customers and address unmet market needs.
Our result also gives a rigorous analysis of a message passing algorithm in the context of the colorability problem, while up until now only experimental results showed the usefulness of the message passing paradigm.
In these applications, TPEs are primarily valued for their durability, easy processing, colorability and weather resistance.
The material typically has a nominal hardness of 50 Shore A, low compression set of 16%, and easy colorability.
outstanding colorability and UV stability of TPE compounds, as proven in a broad variety of automotive, consumer, and building and construction industry components over the past two decades; and
Criteria for using the firm's thermoplastic elastomers included providing TPEs, when mixed with PE (polyethylene) resin infused with proprietary levels of barium sulfite (for adding or reducing weight), included durability; the ability to provide the player with super grip (tactile feel); colorability to highlight the rainbow of colors for the golf discs; a built-in versatility to provide players with a disc suitable for beginners or pros; and pricing that provides the best value for the molder and marketer.
In addition to its custom colorability and excellent surface finish for attractive aesthetics in external housings, LNP Thermocomp NX11302 specialty compound provides desirable performance attributes for electronics applications.
Additional benefits include easy colorability, design flexibility and improved appearance.
Their light natural color allows for excellent colorability.
Kwon and Kim developed a PC/PMMA blend with improved flame retardancy and scratch resistance, as well as high transparency and high colorability.
Elastocon thermoplastic elastomers do not require drying and are offered for applications that require robber-like properties, impact resistance, colorability, a good surface finish, easy processability, reduced material usage and numerous other features and benefits.