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system using colors to designate classifications

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Implementing a well-delineated color-coded system is one of the most effective and straightforward ways of preventing cross contamination and maintaining good hygiene, and it can be particularly effective in breaking down language barriers in multilingual food processing facilities.
The color-coded labels used the colors green, amber, and red to signal that a food contains low, medium, or high amounts of negative nutrients (here: sugar, fat, saturated fat, and salt), and may therefore be consumed regularly (green), most of the time (amber) or only occasionally (red).
speaking in support of uniform color-coded wristbands at the American Society for Healthcare Risk Management annual conference in Chicago in October.
Color-coded borders were displayed during the lesson, adjacent to the screen text and illustrations.
Especially valuable are the color-coded boxes of helpful hints and safety tips.
Indeed, British mapmakers of that era color-coded their empire in royal red.
The ImageACE Resizing and autoSYNC features ensure that projected images will always be the right size and shape, regardless of signal source, while color-coded terminal connections simplify setup.
The catalog has a simple to follow reference guide and is color-coded by product category so users can find the appropriate equipment to meet their needs.
Oasis Pro's "Color of Clean' training program features color-coded products and language-free training, including guide cards and a language-free video to help reinforce proper cleaning procedures and reduce language and literacy barriers.
Ship Shape containers are offered in 16 standard colors and in virtually any color to enable material handling, packaging, shipping and warehousing professionals to create a color-coded system for identifying containers and their contents.
The color-coded barrels help children easily choose the color they want, and the color name is imprinted on each barrel.
The 1/4-28 UNE series may be color-coded with the company's LNS locknut, CCR and CCLR color-coded rings.
The scale is further divided into color-coded rankings.
Like the phases of the moon that were plotted out in shades of red each month, the color-coded seasons spoke of a regularity that could be relied on and lived by.
According to Sustaplast, color-coded spacers and machinery parts--often used to accommodate assembly and production setup changes-reduce change over time by 50% to 75%.