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a chart in which complementary colors (or their names) are arranged on opposite sides of a circle


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A basic color wheel is an important tool for students to understand, but not necessarily so interesting to create.
Teaching the color wheel can be unimaginative and boring, but this mixed-media, cooperative, multi-grade-level color wheel is fun for all?
No other company out there sells a fiber optic tree in which the color wheel and the speed of the lights can be altered or adjusted," Kirk explained.
I encourage students to start a new color wheel even within one object.
A free 30-day trial version is available immediately from Color Wheel Pro web site: http://www.
Key features include a dual lamp system that allows for increased light output and user changeable twin color wheel system that increases color reproduction and light output efficiency and SANYO's Active Maintenance Filter for extended maintenance cycles.
First, I reintroduce the concept of primary and secondary colors by drawing a simple color wheel diagram on the board.
The projector is outfitted with a 6 Segment 5 X Speed color wheel that minimizes "color breaking" and provides high quality images with accurate color reproduction.
I challenged my students to incorporate the primary and secondary colors of the color wheel with an object to produce an original idea.
Sometimes bright projectors can wash out colors, but Mitsubishi's new HD1000U has a seven-segment color wheel which provides rich and vivid colors without compromising its brightness.
An optional six-segment color wheel (RGBCMY) is interchangeable with the standard four-segment color wheel (RGBW) to maximize either color or brightness depending on the customer's needs and/or the environment.
Before beginning our painting unit in eighth grade, we review the color wheel and a value chart in acrylic paint.
Give each of your students a color wheel and a simple, everyday item such as a white paper cup.
After completing basic color exercises, such as the color wheel, value, and intensity scales, the students were ready to move on to color harmonies.
Liquitex Artist Materials Masters Int'/The Color Wheel Co.