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a chart in which complementary colors (or their names) are arranged on opposite sides of a circle


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The Cinema SuperColor RGBRGB Color Wheel adopts a special coating which filters segmental spectrums of RGB, to intensify Red, Blue, and Green colors.
To harness the high output of Blue Core laser light, it employs a dual color wheel that produces flawless RGBY color with enhanced color intensity, balance and fidelity.
This is accomplished by working closely within the tints and tones of one hue and using the colors to either side on the color wheel.
Christie DWU1052-Q and Christie DHD1052-Q have:10,000 lumens (WU), 9500 lumens (HD),Small form factor,Super Quiet - Reduced noise levels thanks to a unique cooling design that minimizes the number of fans,Built-in automated dual color wheel for best color or brightest light,e-Clarity image processing,High Dynamic Contrast Range,Versatile Lens Suite including 0.
Students will then make their own creative color wheel using any media they want, showcasing all 12 colors found on a traditional wheel.
Hues that sit next to each other on the color wheel ("cousins," as Prinzing puts it) make for harmonious bouquets.
Equally important, the RGB-based LED illumination system eliminates the need for a color wheel to produce primary colors.
No Color Wheel: 3LCD projectors do not rely on a spinning color wheel to produce color and do not suffer from "the rainbow effect" or "color break-up.
The Color Wheel provides a unique way of asking patients about their condition that dispenses with the need for language.
The Camo Color Wheel from D2W Guide Gear, a division of Dead Down Wind, is the perfect solution for quick and easy concealment in a cost-effective package.
While traditional metal halide sources can only rotate through a preset color wheel, the FL5100 offers thousands of color combinations and sequences.
While taking up watercolor painting she learned how to use a color wheel and realized that its principles could be applied to quilting.
The XJ-SC210 and the XJ-SC215 are designed to produce strong color accuracy; they have 2500 lumens, a color-rendering light engine algorithm, and an improved color wheel The XJ-557 and XJ-552 center on applying brightness, with a 3000 ANSI lumens output, which is needed in venues such as classrooms or conferences.
Recent new items include Color Wheel Mosaic Eye Powder, a block of four eye shadow shades that can be blended or used individually, and Color Wheel Mosaic Face Powders, which are formulated to enhance and brighten the complexion while reducing oil and shine.
Strongly recommended for preschool, kindergarten, and community library collections, each book features a Color Wheel, Activities, Fun Facts, and a Book List.