color vision

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the normal ability to see colors

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While most of us simply take the capability for seeing and identifying color for granted; those affected by Color Vision Deficiency find life to be more challenging.
A comparison of red green color vision deficiency between medical and non-medical students in Pakistan.
But the new findings indicate that "the retina is doing more of the work, and it's doing it in a more simpleminded way," says Jay Neitz, a color vision scientist at the University of Washington in Seattle who was not involved in the study.
Molecular genetics of inherited variation in human color vision.
Five classes of opsin genes encode visual pigments for dim-light and color vision.
The researchers administered color vision tests to a random sample of 865 older adults age range 58 to 102 years.
Color vision and stereopsis were tested by D-15 and TNO, respectively.
Mammals with poor color vision are unable to differentiate between reds and greens.
Color vision is an illusion created by the interactions of billions of neurons in our brain.
Important aspects of visual functioning, such as the ability to see objects in lighted or dark environments, color vision, and awareness of the visual space around us (visual fields), may be affected by either the blast or the resulting brain injury.
Cognex Corporation, a leading supplier of machine vision sensors and systems, has unveiled three new color vision systems for the In-Sight Micro product line.
This discovery may enhance scientists' understanding of how color vision evolved in early vertebrates over the last 450 million years of evolution.
The introductory text preceding the plates provides background information on color vision, types of color blindness, the impact of color blindness on particular professions, and instructions for using the color vision examination plates.
This calibrated color vision is useful for measuring and matching colorants such as in paint, plastics, and fabrics.