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the normal ability to see colors

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Gorillas and chimpanzees have human color vision," Yokoyama says.
Overall, 40 percent of the participants had abnormal results on one of the two color vision tests used in the study.
Table3 demonstrates the status of color vision with and without filters.
Red-green color vision defects are the most common form of color vision deficiency.
After 20 weeks, protein production levels peaked and Neitz's team saw changes in Sam's and Dalton's performance on color vision tests.
The research team found that the elephant shark had three cone pigments for color vision and, like humans, it accomplished this through gene duplication.
These blues and yellows look much the same to people with red-green color vision defects as to those with normal vision, but fruitcakes, holly, and red and green Kwanzaa candles all appear to be a shade of brown.
Color vision tests have been mandatory in line with the Industrial Safety and Health Law.
This high color vision sensitivity is the foreseeable consequence of responding by wavelength opponent neurons which, everyone agrees, mediate color vision.
Design principles and methods are derived from the knowledge of the human visual system, with a special emphasis on color vision, color cognition, color harmony, color preference and visually evoked emotions.
Richmond Products, based in Albuquerque, NM, will continue to operate with its current staff from its current location where it provides over 2,000 vision testing products including eye care's most comprehensive color vision test, the HRR Pseudoisochromatic Plate Test 4[sup.
The findings challenge the prevailing view that tri-chromatic color vision, a hallmark of primate evolution, evolved only after they started getting up with the sun, a shift that gave rise to anthropoid (higher) primates, which, in turn, gave rise to the human lineage.
Color vision and colorimetry; theory and applications, 2d ed.
Designed for use in the clinical setting, the 66 plates were developed based on the theory of color vision and the theory of complementary color, and include images for testing the general population as well as a selection of images for use with children and illiterates.
Cognex Corporation has introduced the DVT 535C, the most capable and easy to use color vision sensor in its class.