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CONNECTABLE COLOR TUBES TOOBEEZ- Toobeez helps to promote family interaction, and gives you the freedom to create whatever you can imagine.
The company is world leading in color-TVs, lighting, electric shavers, color tubes for TV and imaging displays, medical diagnostics and patient monitoring and components for single-chip TVs.
24 /PRNewswire/ -- Connectable Color Tubes, LLC, a Pennsylvania-based designer and developer of children's toys announced today the official launch of Toobeez, its signature flagship product.
Donahue, founder and owner of the company and the original developer of Toobeez, Connectable Color Tubes positions product quality, child safety, and family and educational value of Toobeez as the first priorities.
Toobeez is the flagship product of Connectable Color Tubes (CCT), a privately held company based in Wayne, Pennsylvania.
Contact: Joe Donahue Connectable Color Tubes, LLC pr@toobeez.
CONTACT: Joe Donahue of Connectable Color Tubes, LLC, +1-610-975-0102, pr@toobeez.
Toobeez is the flagship product of Connectable Color Tubes, LLC (CCT), a privately held company based in Pennsylvania.
NYW040 09/24/2003 08:03 r e bc-PA-CCT-Scholarship (WAYNE) Connectable Color Tubes, LLC Announces Scholarship.
While IBM was still manufacturing monitors with TV-grade cathode ray tubes, PGS was already using advanced color tubes that produced the first highly visual color display.
Scheduled to begin mass production in April 1996, LG Electronics' manufacturing plant will produce color TV core components such as color tubes, deflection yokes and flyback transformers.