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a planned combination of colors

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1995) that a color scheme can be protected as a stand-alone trademark provided it can be established that the color scheme has acquired secondary meaning.
TipKalc is an easy-to-use tip calculator with instant check-splitter and KolorWheel is a color utility that provides scientifically formulated color schemes to match a web page, home decor, shirt or outfit.
The architects agreed to use only the color scheme from the original building--which ranged from olive to forest green on the double arched facade, and salmon pink on the inside.
The text is divided into major color groups and presents 200 color scheme ideas.
Spice up the color scheme with some bolder, more vibrant shades of UM's school colors without overstating the "beachy" colors often associated with Florida.
Matching a lure's color scheme to the prevailing prey takes too much thought, besides which, most prey is camouflaged.
Unfortunately, I think the new "Night Vision" IntelliMouse is so-called only due to the color scheme, as it wasn't produced by the Pentagon.
Choose a color scheme and just run with it," he says.
Plus, with personalization options, your logo and color scheme can be placed directly on your clients' payroll applications, increasing your presence in their business.
Cleveland-based writer Brian Fairbanks is so out, loud, and proud that even his site's color scheme will make your eyes ache--but it's worth the risk to visit http://www.
The attractive price is due in part to the monochromatic color scheme throughout.
Elements of the 'MyStyle' Accent Color Kits consist of a front panel, keyboard insert and speaker grills, allowing customers to create a color scheme to suit their individual style.
The lavender trumpets of Clytostoma callistegioides, a spring-blooming perennial vine growing on the fence behind the bed, inspired her color scheme.
According to David Rubin, Roma's marketing manager, the new open-stock solid-color program is designed to provide consumers with myriad mix-and-match options within each color scheme.
A garden color scheme is best developed around either the exterior color of your house or the interior color scheme of a room opening onto the garden.