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Synonyms for color

the property by which the sense of vision can distinguish between objects, as a red apple and a green apple, that are very similar or identical in form and size

something that imparts color

skin tone, especially of the face

a fresh rosy complexion

to impart color to

to immerse in a coloring solution


to become red in the face

to give an inaccurate view of by representing falsely or misleadingly

to give a deceptively attractive appearance to

Synonyms for color

interest and variety and intensity

the timbre of a musical sound

a race with skin pigmentation different from the white race (especially Blacks)

(physics) the characteristic of quarks that determines their role in the strong interaction

the appearance of objects (or light sources) described in terms of a person's perception of their hue and lightness (or brightness) and saturation


affect as in thought or feeling

modify or bias


give a deceptive explanation or excuse for

having or capable of producing colors

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Major interests of CPMA have been in the areas of development of the color pigments industry, preservation of the environment, fair treatment in tariff and trade, and worker safety and health.
It can also be the most troublesome because of the chemical nature of the red organic color pigments.
The Rockwood Color Pigments & Services Division is a business unit of Rockwood Holdings, Inc.
Jan Buberl, Vice President of Sales and Marketing of Huntsman's Color Pigments and Timber Treatment business, added:
Rockwood expects this advanced technology facility to provide a consistent supply of the highest quality color pigments to North American customers, to strengthen customer service, and to reduce lead time and improve product development potential within the region.
Color pigments include chrome yellows, molybdate oranges, monoazo, dairylide and benzimidazolone yellows and oranges; azo and quinacridone reds and maroons; carbazole violet; phthalo blues and greens.
The Cone Mill is said to be ideally suited for applications including the processing of carbon black, color pigments, polymers, coatings, and more.
In his new role, Ross will be responsible for Rockwood's Color Pigments and Services business, the Clay-Based Additives business (including Southern Clay Products) and the Wood Treatment business, which includes Chemical Specialties, Inc.
Table 3: Worldwide Color Pigments Market (2012): Percentage
and Dan Van Kampen (Flint Group Pigments) were elected to two-year terms as chairman and vice chairman, respectively, of the Color Pigments Manufacturers Association, Inc.
With a theme of "Color Matters--New Business and New Products in a Global Marketplace," the 2008 CPMA International Color Pigments Conference is set to take place May 13-15 at the Lincolnshire Marriott Resort, Lincolnshire IL.
Two new hues of Ronastar interference color pigments were showed by EMD Chemicals Inc.
Its Cycle Enhancer comes in two forms for black or natural products and a third that includes color pigments.
Food and Drug Administration approved three Synergy color pigments for use in food packaging.
11, 2012 /PRNewswire/ -- Nexeo Solutions, a global leader in chemical distribution, announced today that it has finalized an agreement with Flint Group Pigments for the distribution of Flint Group Pigments' organic color pigments in the United States and Puerto Rico.