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a ceremonial escort for the (regimental) colors

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With the Pirates being announced Best School of League Season in the Unarmed Division, Oxford's Drill Team and Color Guard continued a proud tradition of earning Southern New England Drill League Divisional Champs honors for the 10th time in 11 years since the league voted to initiate those awards in 2003.
Ross, the band teacher, said Casey and Wilkinson were obvious students to nominate for the honor: "Timothy has an outstanding talent for playing the trumpet, and Kayla has been a very effective color guard captain and has a strong dance background.
By then, the two remaining members of the color guard were too old themselves to be firing salutes, but they stood at attention in full uniform next to their buddy's casket to say goodbye.
Marco's breakthrough proprietary technology, Collagen Color Guard, incorporates a special blend of naturally-occurring collagen, hair keratin and silk amino acids, and hydrolyzed wheat proteins.
Up until 15 months ago, the Fairfax High School Marching Band and Color Guard program had laid dormant for more than 20 years.
This year's award marks the 14th parade honors earned by Oxford students in 16 years of appearances in Worcester's parade, and included 10 first-year cadets making their inaugural parade appearance with the color guard.
It takes time, commitment, dedication and a little suffering; I have friends in color guard who have rehearsed and competed while being sick.
The other markets that the PA Color Guard will visit include Cleveland, Buffalo, Erie, Pittsburgh, Atlantic City, Baltimore and Harrisburg.
The Junior ROTC program now includes a mounted color guard, comprising two teams of four cadets, who have been practicing since March.
The Edwards Air Force Base color guard will fire a rifle salute to veterans and the Palmdale Veterans Color Guard bugler will play taps.
Myers, a joint armed forces color guard, and other celebrated guests will perform along with the National Symphony Orchestra on the West Lawn of the U.
At the same time, another team of 14 cadets was participating in the 2007 American Legion National Junior ROTC Drill Team and Color Guard Tournament in Montgomery, Ala.
A Vietnam-era Huey helicopter and an Air Force F-117 stealth fighter will fly overhead as bands, motorcycle clubs, floats and veterans from as far as San Diego County and Arizona follow a color guard and two little girls scattering flower petals on the asphalt.
Members of the United States Marine Corps will conduct to the accompaniment of the national anthem a formal Color Guard ceremony -- complete with rifles, flags and swordsmen -- on the CME's Lower Trading Floor adjacent to the CME's busy S&P 500 trading pit.
The ceremony, which is open to the public, will take place at Father Duffy Square, (45th and Broadway) and will include: Ireland's visiting Minister Martin Cullen; Consul General of Ireland Timothy O'Connor; Clarice Joynes, Executive Director, Mayor's Office of Veterans' Affairs; Lieutenant Colonel Geoff Slack, Commander of 69th while in Iraq, as well as other senior officers and the Color Guard of the Regiment.