color constancy

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the tendency for a color to look the same under widely different viewing conditions

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So far, my reason for doubting that the phenomenology of color experience reveals colors to be relational has been the phenomenon of color constancy, the way in which object colors, unlike matching colors, exhibit invariance across changes in illumination conditions.
Brainard, "Mechanisms of Color Constancy under Nearly Natural Viewing," Proc.
Later chapters discuss the image irradiance model and finite-dimensional linear models for approximating color constancy, four methods of white- point conversion, the fundamentals of densitometry, Kubelka-Munk theory, and halftone printing models.
Scientists refer to this crucial visual adjustment as color constancy.
Digital Arts says Xe847 simulates the color constancy of the human visual system: Up to a certain degree, the human eye perceives the color of objects as constant, even if the ambient light or the illuminant changes.
One potential problem is called color constancy, which is when the apparent color of printed material changes substantially due to the type of light source illuminating the item," said Mr.
Optimized color constancy that makes the System easily manageable .
Among specific topics are color image formation, photometric invariance from color ratios, color constancy using low-level features, evaluating color constancy methods, color image segmentation, and object and scene recognition.
Metamerism may pose the problem, but color constancy provides the solution.