color code

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system using colors to designate classifications

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If the AQI reads 162, the color code is red and level of health concern is "unhealthy.
Many possible individual color codes are possible when using this technique.
I'm thrilled that so many members of the MingleMatch sites have found the Color Code Relationship Profile such an added benefit," said Dr.
Heinz Company (NYSE:HNZ) congratulates the authors of The Color Code for the great work they have done to endorse healthful eating and living.
announced today that it would discontinue Color Code, its facial skin care line.
The online documentation has been recently updated and the color codes of 23 additional car marques have been added.
With increased movement of patients from institution to institution and an equally mobile national nursing staff, the idea is that wristband color codes need to be consistent to cut down on hospital errors.
Healthcare organizations can print Central Health Information System color codes directly on identification bands with Endur ID's direct printing solutions.
Sutterfield said the color codes aren't intended to attract people to one opinion piece or another