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a chart displaying colors

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Major features include the capability of measuring a color chart for profile creation at the fastest speed in the world (in about four minutes), according to the company.
The vivid color chart on the screen leaps out at us.
However, the color was apparently not on the Planning Department's list of approved colors on the city's "official reference color chart," which prompted the initial citation and AHF's subsequent appeals process.
Even the very first of the supposedly first abstract paintings Gerhard Richter made in 1966, Ten Colors, was not a truly abstract painting, since it still copied a color chart, a swatch similar to those displayed by hardware stores and color merchants for commercial and industrial use.
Additional features include a large indicator pad for matching to the color chart and precise pH determination.
Also included are kiln firing guidelines, an AMACO[R] glaze color chart, and contemporary studio information.
This supplier of rubber inks is said to make choosing the right ink color easy with its rubber inks color chart.
X-Rite (NASDAQ:XRIT)(SWX:XRI)announces immediate availability of Eye-One iSis, the company's latest automated color chart reader.
Upon issuance of a purchase order, vendor will submit a color chart to the Parks and Recreation Department for selection.
A time line of its history is presented, followed by a color chart correlating to years of production and color photos and descriptions of specific glass patterns and products.
A color chart is also presented at the center of the guide, providing clear illustrations of many medications.
For me, then, the commercial color chart served as a key to our thinking about color's having lost its identity as a transcendent, lofty thing.
A four-color, eight-page color chart for rubber features Akrosperse water paste colors, Akrosperse plasticizer paste colors, powder colors and Akrosperse rubber color masterbatches.
Using CN9-SW software with a PC allows access to controller parameters and the ability to create a virtual full color chart recorder which can log process variables such as C, F, Bar, PSI, pH, or RH.
An eight-page color chart for rubber describes Akrosperse water paste colors, powder colors, Akrosperse rubber color masterbatches and Akrosperse plasticizer paste colors.