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This was as a result of "vested color blindness and unconscious internalized bias" that has been imprinted in the psychics of the whites (p.
Color blindness teaches that the demise of governmentally sanctioned segregation in the 1950s and 1960s ushered in a new era of genuine equal opportunity for all races.
What I'm proposing," Farmer, founder of the Congress of Racial Equality (CORE), answered without hesitation, "is that as a matter of policy in employment, we replace color blindness with color consciousness aimed at eliminating inequities based on color .
Ever wonder why men suffer from color blindness, hemophilia, and other conditions women seem impervious to?
In addition to cognitive skills, Children's Progress can be used to measure things like visual acuity, hearing and color blindness.
The patient had been examined for a trucker's driving license and failed the I-test for color blindness.
Cognitive effects and color blindness are among the documented toxic effects of organic solvent exposure in people who work in industries ranging from nail salons and dry cleaners to medical laboratories and photography labs.
Turner's vision has been debated before, but McGill's diagnosis is a specific one: The painter suffered some color blindness, affecting his reds and blues, and saw the world through cataracts.
This statement implies that color blindness is the solution to interracial conflicts.
Chalk up your color blindness, athletic coordination or receding hairline to the genetic makeup of your parents and most researchers won't give you an argument.
Stevenson's color blindness also paid off with the vital young Cuban dancer Carlos Acosta, who joined Houston Ballet in 1993 [see "Houston Liftoff," March 1998, page 92] and became Anderson's regular partner.
Indeed, a great deal of confusion exists in the field about the particular casting approach of color blindness, which is often mistakenly equated with the much larger rubric of non-traditional casting, an umbrella of different casting approaches including color blindness.
Color perception varies greatly between viewers due to light conditions, angles of viewing at different times, degree of color blindness and, to a certain extent, what the viewer expects or wants to see.
The prescription-only lenses, which are available as eyeglasses or contacts, have been shown to radically improve symptoms of visual reading disorders and color blindness in patients of all ages instantly and without side effects.
Color blindness is often considered a mild disability, but studies estimate that two-thirds of the 300 million people with CVD feel it's a handicap.