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So the top-three color TV brands in Guangzhou in August diverted orders to Korean Samsung, China-based Skyworth and TCL from Japanese Sony and Sharp.
32%, but in the middle of this year, impacted by the real estate sales drops, the air-conditioner industry was in a downturn, while the color TV ( http://www.
Both color TVs and refrigerators had lower volume and revenue.
JVC launched production of 15-inch LCD color TVs a few years ago.
Year TV Color TV B/W Total Growth (%) 1993 1,217,800 520,000 1,737,800 22.
The wished they were home in their Northridge living room with their 25-inch color TV.
claims to be the only American-owned company that manufactures color TVs in the United States.
Consider each observation of color TV purchase rate as an observation from a normal distribution of purchase rates.
According to Sanyo, about 8 million color TV sets are expected to be sold in the Indian market this year, and the number is likely to rise to 10 million in 2006.
JVC's new state-of-the-art color TV manufacturing facility.
Core Technology Problem That Long Puzzled the Color TV Industry of China
It's also the biggest change to television since the FCC adopted the standard for color TV in 1953.
of America, saying it plans to be a stronger player in the color TV game this year, has a new line of 14 sets--compared with 10 in the current lineup--in screen sizes ranging from 13 to 35 inches.