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a name or other device placed on merchandise to signify its ownership or manufacture

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a publisher's emblem printed in a book (usually on the title page)

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The first colophon dates the text on Samvat 476 Pausa sukla 9;
Beyond these signatures, there is a scribal colophon that names Audelay and records a date and place: 1426, Haughmond Abbey (Shropshire).
The name Skarnyng in the heading of the Natura brevium and in the colophon to the set of legal notes in law French at the end of the manuscript were later crossed through and 'Straunge' written beneath in the same hand as appears elsewhere in the manuscript, including another ownership inscription on the page opposite the opening of the Natura brevium: 'Cest liuer apparteyn all Antony Straunge'.
Robert Redman's widow printed her name in various ways in the title pages and/or colophons often publications, but in only two of them do we find statements of both date and publisher.
ESC's version of a colophon sits squarely in that long and storied lineage of book colophons, but adds a few quirks.
Colophons or imprints and title-pages were a standard feature of English print by 1510.
1501), the existence of which is, nevertheless, reflected in colophons signed `ex neacademia nostra.
The three English tracts here edited are those known from their manuscript colophons as De Officio Pastoralis, De Papa and The Church and its Menthers.
The inconsistencies associated with the application and distribution of secrecy labels and Geheimwissen colophons prompt Lenzi to investigate the entire collection anew, this time elis ana saplis, intentionally turning the question "why don't all texts containing secret knowledge text categories contain Geheimwissen colophons?
They often discussed paintings at social occasions, even writing their own commentary and inscriptions on the works in the form of colophons and seals.
The dedicatory letters, prefaces, and printers' colophons in these texts indicate that most Virgil editions, whether in large folio or smaller quarto or octavo format, were targeted for students and school use.
Pollard's An Essay on Colophons (1905), and James Westfall Thompson's The Frankfort Bookfair (1911) are all books eagerly sought today, both for their texts and as examples of elegant book design.
Discussed are the formats, the pagination, the title line, the frame of the text, monochrome or hand-colored illustrations and ornaments, glosses in Brahmi script, colophons, dates, and corrections.
Mazzucchelli, in listing Michelangelo Biondo's works in Gli scrittori d'Italia (1753-63), corrects Girolama Cartolari's colophons, changing them from Hieronymam and Girolama to Hieronymum and Girolamo.
Burtea does not always know how to read names in the colophons (e.