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a name or other device placed on merchandise to signify its ownership or manufacture

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a publisher's emblem printed in a book (usually on the title page)

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A colophon is not present, since the details about printer, location, and date were already given on the title page.
Sometimes the colophons record the day-to-day life of a scribe - whether they were cold, if they were enjoying themselves - and this records how the monks who wrote the original version of the "Book of Psalms" in 1087 "for one year and five months, day and night without pause work[ed] with the brotherhood of this monastery, because we have not seen this [i.
Stefan Reif, professor emeritus of medieval Hebrew at University of Cambridge, explains it this way: It is as if, in order to preserve the manuscript, someone copied it in its entirety in the 11th century--updating the spelling and punctuation--and included the original colophon as well.
The author is to be commended for paying an unusual attention to reception, and for having discussed and contextualized the manuscripts' colophons, which often contain fascinating and important pieces of historical evidence.
In laying out my argument, I want to bridge scholarship on Cather with an existing body of criticism on fine press and bibliophilia in the 1920s and '30s by looking more closely at The Colophon than others have done.
Loren Glass's Counterculture Colophon offers a history of Grove Press and its offshoot, the Evergreen Review, from the time of Barney Rosset's purchase of Grove in 1951 up to the decline of Groves influence in the 1970s and Rosset's eventual sale of the press in 1985.
These two features are the portrait of a lanky man on the frontispiece and the printer's colophon that appears on the last page.
Problem is, the date in the colophon of this octavo reads April 1501, but that of the Dante August 1502, as if--as if, 31n the beginning mas the future.
A colophon from Stokes's edition of Toghil Troi was cited by Best and is reproduced and commented upon here in more than one chapter.
Del latin colophon, y este del griego [TEXTO NO REPRODUCIBLE EN ASCII], colophon, 'termino, fin, cumbre, remate'.
Strangely enough, despite the census's gratuitous use of marginal pictures, the authors did not provide a picture of the colophon itself but did include a picture of Quaritch.
Entries begin with a physical description of each manuscript, followed by author and title of each individual text and extracts from the first lines of the first folio, concluding with a transcription of the colophon.
On the spine, the publisher's colophon resembles, a little, the AA combat service patch of the 82nd Airborne.
The book divided in 12 chapters, each profusely illustrated with diagrams and tables in red and black, marginal notes and comments, catchwords, colophon signed and dated, was dedicated to Sultan Murad II in 1423.
Even though the last pages and the colophon of the manuscript are missing, a very convincing attempt at dating it and identifying its potential author has been made.