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a name or other device placed on merchandise to signify its ownership or manufacture

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a publisher's emblem printed in a book (usually on the title page)

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42) The colophon of her 1527 edition of Ariosto's Orlando furioso reads: "Stampato in l'inclita Citta di Venetia per Madonna Helisabetta de Rusconi.
The earliest material evidence is the manuscript preserved at Vat Lai Hin in northern Thailand, dated in the colophon to the year 1726, which, however, tells us little about the date of composition (von Hinuber 1996: 196).
38) Between 446/1054, the year al-Basit was finished, and 462/1070, the year he finished his commentary on al-Mutanabbi, al-Wahidi finalized al-Wasit, whose colophon shows that it was completed in mid-Rajab 461/April-May 1069 (see n.
16) Rather than rehearse the entirety of Sturman's complex argument and reconstruction of the handscroll's creation and initial reception, I shall focus on how to understand the trope of deafness and the last lines of Wang Shen's poetic colophon.
During that interim the STC finds only two books for Tottell (both ascribed to 1550), and though one of these is a law text (an edition of the much-printed Natura Brevium), Tottell's connection with that book is uncertain and noted in the STC with an understandable question mark, since the colophon of the book itself announces that it was "Imprynted at London, / in Paules Churche yarde at / the signe of the mayde[n]s / heed by Thomas / petit.
Everyone is welcome and you're encouraged to bring a brownbag lunch or call ahead to Book Fare Cafe (734-3434) or the Colophon Cafe (647-0092) to order something to eat while we meet.
Holt, Rinehart & Winston acquired Dryden in 1958, merging it into its own college list and then reviving The Dryden Press colophon in 1969 as an imprint for Business and Economics books.
ESC's colophon headers are set in Adobe's Galahad Std.
The Book of Tenures is headed 'Tenures quod Skarnyng', with a colophon 'Expliciunt Tenures quod R.
For instance, Goldblatt has unaccountably excised the boldface colophon with which Wang Chen-ho opens his novel: ".
Thus, while caution is necessary for books published in England, in the case of the Anglo-Genevan psalters of 1556, 1558, and so forth, the year given on the title page or colophon should not be converted--as Temperley does consistently in the instance cited and in his bibliography but accepted as it stands.
The title and front matter--introductory paratexts intended to guide readers--such as the title page, colophon, table of contents, acknowledgements, notes on the editors, and list of contributors, all constitute an English lead-in to the volume introduction, which is in German.
236) as part of a Dirghagama manuscript, containing portions of an antaroddana, the colophon of the Tridandi-sutra, and the beginning of the Pingalatreyasutra, by comparison with the recently discovered Dirghagama manuscript from the Gilgit area (Hartmann 2004).
The Literacy Run/Walk would not be possible without the generous support from these sponsors: The Colophon Cafe, Copies Now, Haggen Fairhaven Market, Great Harvest Bread Company, Greater Bellingham Running Club, and Bellingham Parks and Recreation.
Burtea respects the scribe's handwriting too much, so that in the first colophon, we can find "Yuhana" transcribed as "Ihana" (p.