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visual examination of the colon (with a colonoscope) from the cecum to the rectum

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Contrary to popular conception, colonoscopy need not be painful or uncomfortable.
One other benefit from the first colonoscopy and surgery: I lost weight and started a regular workout routine that I continue.
Some people get a colonoscopy once and never get another.
Gastroenterologists usually offer their patients a drug to help them relax before a standard (or optical) colonoscopy, but an anesthetic to put them to sleep is not required.
The procedure requires no sedation and is less costly than conventional colonoscopy.
Colonoscopy is a valuable diagnostic test and can help establish the source of rectal bleeding in nearly 80% of younger patients.
Carrascosa reported at an international symposium on virtual colonoscopy sponsored by Boston University.
Since the 2001 Medicare decision to cover the costs of colonoscopies for cancer screening purposes in healthy adults, and the publicity the procedure received when Katie Couric televised her own in 2000, colonoscopy is all the rage.
It will determine if health care professionals can detect the presence of polyps without inserting an invasive endoscope or tube into the colon as used in conventional colonoscopy.
Colonoscopy is a screening tool used to detect colon cancer, which strikes nearly 130,000 Americans, and takes the lives of 56,000, each year.
Colonoscopy is a more precise test than x-ray studies.
As part of Colorectal Cancer Awareness Month, the campaign urges all first-time patients to complete or schedule a colonoscopy on March 8.
Patients who undergo follow-up colonoscopy 10 months or more after a positive fecal immunochemical test are at higher risk for colorectal cancer and for more advanced disease at diagnosis, than are those who undergo immediate (within 30 days) follow-up colonoscopy, according to a new report.
Colonoscopy saves lives, but "high-quality" colonoscopies--that is, colonoscopies carried out by doctors who are particularly adept at identifying polyps (precancerous growths) are associated with a 50 to 60 percent lower risk for colon cancer and colon cancer fatalities over a patient's lifetime.