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visual examination of the colon (with a colonoscope) from the cecum to the rectum

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Under the new alliance, E-Z-EM will continue to market the InnerviewGI brand to its core customer base and to host educational seminars training physicians for virtual colonoscopies using InnerviewGI, but will not sell the product.
The clinic offers comprehensive medical examinations and individual procedures such as heart scans and virtual colonoscopies using FDA-approved electron beam tomography (EBT), with its extraordinarily fast acquisition speeds.
The implication is to use high-quality colonoscopies, and stratify subsequent surveillance to low-risk and high-risk adenoma patients," which is what current guidelines recommend.
In contrast, in the 554 patients with negative baseline colonoscopies, only 3% had developed polyps three years after their baseline colonoscopy and 13% had polyps five years after their initial screening.
Colonoscopies were performed by community-based physicians, not trial investigators.
Representing a significant departure in the way colonoscopies are performed, the Navigator Endoscopy System offers physicians more control through advanced features.
One study suggests that if you stratify patients into low-risk and high-risk categories, with the former undergoing colonoscopy directly while the latter undergo CT colonography as the initial test, you can detect 89% of advanced neoplasia, with far fewer colonoscopies being performed, compared with a rate of 94% when universal colonoscopy was performed (Gastroenterology 2006; 131:1011-9).
We hope that having Visicol(R) as an alternative to liquid bowel purgatives will encourage people to get colonoscopies and reduce their risk of colorectal cancer mortality," added Dr.
Repeated traditional colonoscopies in four patients confirmed the presence of polyps seen only by capsule colonoscopy the first time around.
Patients may be more likely to be screened for colon cancer if physicians schedule colonoscopies and tell the patients to show up rather than giving them a choice of screening options, Dr.
Today most insurance companies do not pay for Virtual Colonoscopies, and as such force individuals to pay "out-of-pocket" for an alternative to traditional colonoscopy.
The frequency of colonoscopies to screen for cancer in patients with Crohn's disease colitis or ulcerative colitis should be based on how long they've had colitis, Dr.
He reviewed six studies with 465 patients who underwent two colonoscopies on the same day.
Banks added: "More importantly, flexPLUS not only provides affordable access to full body screening, we emphasize the importance of Virtual Colonoscopies.
LOS ANGELES -- Establishment of a screening program using virtual colonoscopy did not lead to a decrease in the number of standard optical colonoscopies performed within 14 months of its introduction, Dr.