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visual examination of the colon (with a colonoscope) from the cecum to the rectum

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No randomized trial results have documented the need for stepped up colonoscopies in patients with a history of one or two nonadvanced adenomas, and these new observational findings are consistent with prior observational reports.
Our study shows that a high percentage of follow-up colonoscopies are being performed too early, resulting in use of scarce health care resources with potentially limited clinical benefit," said Thomas D.
The simulation results indicated that [the hybrid strategy] required 37% fewer colonoscopies than [colonoscopy alone], while delivering only slightly inferior health benefits," the investigators said.
The 24 people with abnormal colon cell results in lab studies did not differ from those with normal colon cell results in gender, age, HIV transmission risk, years of antiretroviral therapy, CD4 count, number of colonoscopies, colon cancer in an immediate family member, or any other factor assessed.
One found a 2% higher rate of inaccuracy for colonoscopies done in the afternoon.
Savant Mehta is a gastroenterologist at Clinton Hospital who performs colonoscopies and is available for outpatient consultations at Clinton Hospital.
About two percent of all colonoscopies pick up a cancer at the time of the test and about 15 percent pick up polyps," he says.
Presently, one of the most effective and potentially life-saving methods of prevention for colon cancer is the use of screening colonoscopies," says Eric Esrailian, MD, MPH, section head for General Gastroenterology and the Digestive Diseases Center at UCLA Medical Center.
I have had two subsequent colonoscopies at three-year intervals, and they have shown that everything is healthy.
The recommended interval between colonoscopies is 10 years for most people.
Pickhardt, at the University of Wisconsin, has published extensive research on virtual colonoscopies.
When a colonoscopies performed, a doctor inserts a lighted, flexible tube (with a camera attached) into the rectum and moves it through the colon to check for precancerous polyps.
After unblinding, the colonoscopic results against which the virtual colonoscopies were measured showed that there were 70 true-positive, 48 true-negative, 12 false-positive, and 8 false-negative findings.
Since the 2001 Medicare decision to cover the costs of colonoscopies for cancer screening purposes in healthy adults, and the publicity the procedure received when Katie Couric televised her own in 2000, colonoscopy is all the rage.