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an elongated fiberoptic endoscope for examining the entire colon from cecum to rectum

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Ambu A/S (CPH:AMBUB), a developer, producer and marketer of life-saving equipment, announced on Tuesday the receipt of US FDA clearance for disposable colonoscope in the US.
The other endoscopes showed poor efficiency to this area, with a viewing rate of 25% with the colonoscope and a 6.
The device is attached to the tip of the colonoscope at the beginning of the procedure, and can be used during both the insertion and withdrawal phases.
Caption: Transplants can be delivered by nasogastric tube, colonoscope, or enema.
Researchers compared both the adenoma miss rate using the new colonoscope with the miss rate of a traditional colonoscope.
But when he worked with the colonoscope inside the child, he found the growth was much larger, 6cms in diameter.
Use of a high-definition, dual-focus colonoscope allowed endoscopists to perform "significantly more accurate, high-confidence endoscopic diagnosis of diminutive polyps," Dr.
OMD also has signed business collaboration agreements for the commercialization of Endotics Colonoscopy System, an endoscopic system with an entirely disposable self-propelling robotic colonoscope.
The device has been shown to enhance polyp detection when used in conjunction with a colonoscope by providing a retrograde view of the lining of the colon.
The camera, or colonoscope, is passed into your bottom and guided around the bowel.
Surgeons then used a precision colonoscope to look inside his bowel.
If you spend some time with them, you don't have to do very many tests to know that they have irritable bowel--you don't have to colonoscope them, or x-ray them, or all that stuff.
We will put this to good use to buy a colonoscope - which helps to diagnose bowel cancer - which will benefit future patients visiting our unit.
The application extended from Ogden's anus to her cecum, about 150 centimeters away, which is as far into the intestinal tract as a colonoscope can reach.
They found the strongest correlation between the incidence decline and the sharp increase in screening by colonoscopy, a thorough examination of the full lining of the colon using a long, flexible, tubular device called a colonoscope.