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having a series of columns arranged at regular intervals

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The terrace of shops will be fronted by a colonnaded arcade and built with materials such as ceramic tiles and timber cladding while the areas outside the cafes and restaurants will accommodate terraces with outdoor seating.
The temple itself was a small, elegant porticoed classical shrine fronted by a doubly colonnaded vestibule of a modified Corinthian order.
Stroll along the Pantiles, a colonnaded walkway, where you can sample the iron-rich water that made the town famous from Regency times.
Pictures of the incident on Twitter showed bloodied bodies strewn across the courtyard, where part of the crane had landed atop an ornate, arched and colonnaded section of the complex.
Part of the company's global "Let's Colour" initiative, the recent event involved painting several buildings on the world's first colonnaded street.
Antiquities officials fear ISIL wants to destroy Palmyra's pre-Islamic cultural treasures, which include colonnaded streets and ancient citadels.
IS proclaimed Palmyra's capture online and posted video and footage of its fighters in the city's air base, but not of the UNESCO world heritage site's colonnaded streets, elaborately decorated tombs and temples.
The central city, also known as Tadmur, is built alongside the remains of a oasis civilization whose colonnaded streets, temple and theater have stood for 2,000 years.
It is home to the city's museums and prime shopping areas, centered around the colonnaded facades of Connaught Palace, the heart of downtown Delhi.
After studying the "Bold Street timeshift phenomenon" for many years, I am convinced that a wormhole - the glib scientific term for a shortcut through spacetime - is active in very close proximity to the Lyceum, that beautiful colonnaded gem built in Georgian times.
NEW YORK -- If you study the residential work of Allan Greenberg -- all those colonnaded front porches, Palladian windows and formally landscaped lots with stables and grand driveways -- a theme emerges.
Fakhoury believes the family folklore and says that Roman potters trained his forefathers when they came to construct the ancient, colonnaded citadel of Blbek in Lebanon's Bek Valley around 300 B.
Nearby Perge is famed for its ancient theatre, stadium and unusual gate towers, but those with enough time can also explore the charming colonnaded streets and baths.
There are also hundreds of elaborate rock-cut tombs, a Romanstyle theatre, temples, sacrificial altars and colonnaded streets, while high above is the impressive Ad-Deir Monastery, reached by a flight of 800 rock-cut steps.