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having a series of columns arranged at regular intervals

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Conditional phase 5 colonnaded elevation of the east wing and lower part of the facade of the central body, side courtyard.
It has a stuccoed and symmetrical front facade with colonnaded elevation and pediment bearing the Eyton coat of arms The front door opens to a hallway that has an unusual vaulted ceiling with pillared supports and a Minton tiled floor.
In the past people would walk on to the terraces from the cafe inside the Rotunda, or Dome, and sit out to enjoy the views but the colonnaded loggias were removed in 1971-73.
The Colonnaded Street of Jerash is the venue of a food industryaACAOs fair and a plastic art exhibition.
The latter, such as Anjar, Aqaba or Ramla, have in common an orthogonal plan, administrative buildings, congregational mosques, hierarchical residences, industry and commerce, and often colonnaded streets and baths.
KIEV, Ukraine -- Abandoned by his own guards and reviled across the Ukrainian capital but still determined to recover his shredded authority, President Viktor Yanukovych fled Kiev on Saturday to denounce what he called a violent coup, as his official residence, his vast, colonnaded office complex and other once impregnable centers of power fell without a fight to throngs of joyous citizens stunned by their triumph.
This building was combined with a raised colonnaded gallery attached to the adjacent palace in which the empress could promenade; it became so famous, and influential, that it became known--as it still is--by the name of the architect: the Cameron Gallery.
An expression of simplicity-glass, concrete and wood-Piano's light, colonnaded, post-and-beam pavilion stands some 65 yards to the west of Kahn's solid, vaulted museum, graciously acknowledging the 1972 landmark by mirroring its three bays, colonnades, elevation, emphasis on natural light, and use of concrete as a primary material.
The $500 million colonnaded arena in the center of Brazil's modern capital is the most expensive of the 12 venues that will host the World Cup.
Nearby Perge is famed for its ancient theatre, stadium and unusual gate towers, but those with enough time can also explore the charming colonnaded streets and baths.
There are also hundreds of elaborate rock-cut tombs, a Romanstyle theatre, temples, sacrificial altars and colonnaded streets, while high above is the impressive Ad-Deir Monastery, reached by a flight of 800 rock-cut steps.
Browse the elegant, colonnaded designer stores, such as Gucci and Armani in the Borgo Stretto.
Groups of red-tiled houses and barns kept their distance from the classical splendour of white colonnaded buildings: a landscape totally new to him.
We were the latest to seek a retreat in the colonnaded folly amid the trees.