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The colonizers unleash an unprecedented brutality as they advance inland.
The natives threaten the colonizers without taking inspiration from colonial discourses in order to protect their culture or they challenge them through mimicry.
Further, the colonized are lured into the process of ideological inculcation in order to internalize their stereotypical image in terms of which they are viewed by the colonizers.
In immunocompetent patient, organisms like Aspergillus and Candida in the sputum may represent colonizers and warrant therapy only if there is evidence of invasive disease such as imaging, histopathology or fungal antigenemia.
The colonizers in her world are the people of her village that judge her for being promiscuous and think that she is just another "dumb black woman".
However, it is better to use "she" and "her" to refer to this character because the Aboriginal people have been predetermined as feminine colonized in contrast to British masculine colonizers.
In other words, the Wretched have called the bluff of the colonizer, and to the colonizers frequent exclamations, "you are not like us
Many readers are no doubt familiar with disputes over control of multiethnic regions such as Danzig, Trieste, the coast of Asia Minor, and Palestine, but arguably nowhere in the world was World War I-era decolonization so complicated by overlapping layers of national and regional governments, powerful commercial interests, and rival political camps within the former colonizer community than in Manchuria.
Western incursions, norms encouraged by the colonizers, including women's education based on western models (as with Bimala's education and new way of life), were markers of social ruination.
Creating something of a sensation among Japanese baseball fans and the media, they also posed a dilemma in that the colonized were not supposed to regularly defeat the colonizers in their favorite sport.
17) Most importantly, the myth of origin in colonial context puts the colonized into the prison of the binarism by making them partially replicate the colonizers.
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Jennings contends that French spas, which were widely believed to play a therapeutic and curative role in the protection against tropical diseases, also served a social role that was essential to the well-being of the French colonizers.
The author, in five chapters, presents case studies of postcolonial novelists such as Salman Rushdie, Toni Morrison and Wilson Harris for exploring their complex and varied relationships to colonialism and their experience of postcolonialism in different locations of this culture, in the imperial cities of the colonizers as also in the metropolitan cities of the colonized culture.