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someone who helps to found a colony

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Owing to the fact that mimicry is "almost the same, but not quite" (Bhabha 86), it reveals an ambivalence between the colonizer and the colonized.
NOT ONLY is Fanon's "world divided in two" devoid of social ambivalences between colonizer and colonized, but Fanon goes so far as to claim that the distinction itself exists at the level of a difference in "species," (6) which he further describes as "congenitally antagonistic" due to the very "reification secreted and nurtured by the colonial situation.
In Administering the Colonizer, Blaine Chiasson, an associate professor at Wilfred Laurier University who specializes in Modern China and Sino-Soviet relations, sets out to explore how Chinese officials administered the Manchurian Special District (SD) in the decade after the First World War.
Based on a nadir population of 250,000 around 1900, the American Indian holocaust perpetrated by Euroamerican colonizers claimed at least 9 million lives.
Speaking the same language, sharing a border, and sharing the same colonizer increase the comovement of output, but the ex-colony/colonizer variable does not affect the extent of comovement.
For much of Thursday it looked as if the colonizers could have used a lesson from the colonists.
It is important to understand that the colonizer constructs a white supremacist culture by imposing their discourse on subjugated groups.
She writes: "Thus in this book, as well as attending to the complexity of 'the colonized' and 'the colonizers' as terms and as actual signified groups, I will carefully mark power differences that transcend hybridity to freeze difference in the interest of violent oppression -- all-too-common instances in which the colonizer and the colonists become real and significant constructed categories" (6).
Albert Memmi, the Tunisian writer, dubbed Camus a colonizer, albeit a well-meaning one.
But a key point is that the historical context was now different and the relationship between the colonizer and the native nation changed as well.
In consonance with the objective of focusing on singular subjects in Arrow of God I will analyze Ezeulu's perception of the sociopolitical dynamism in Umuaro and review his conception of his own experience with the colonizer.
Avicorr Colonizer is a microbial additive that provides specific strains of bacteria to re-colonize the digestive tract in younger birds.
Although not explicitly present, Babar's imperialist literary counterpart, Kipling's Elephant's Child, seems to stalk the narrative, as does (courtesy of Bowie's version) Iggy Pop's China Girl, who is given blue-eyed children by her smacked-up colonizer.
She whose ancestors conquered and ruled, a descendant of the colonizer, finds herself a victim of a new (racial, cultural, religious) "colonizing" agenda.
Matar concedes that the relationship between early modern Europeans, including the British, and the Ottoman Empire and the Barbary States was one of colonizer and (potential) colonized; however, unlike the colonial relationship in the New World, the Europeans in this case were in the position of the colonized and enslaved.