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someone who helps to found a colony

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Although postcolonial theory examines the struggles between the colonizer and the colonized, postcolonialists, with the exception of few, refuse seeing the colonizer/colonized dialectic as a driving force that has shaped history.
The madness of Montgomery can be interpreted as having germinated from a colonial stage on which the colonizer was as much a victim trapped in his role as superior colonizer as the inferior colonized with whom he was in perpetual juxtaposition.
While China is no colonizer, African and other governments do have a responsibility to ensure that their relationships with China meet their own development interests and objectives.
2] We need to differentiate between colonizer and pathogenic bacterial infection, so that we do not unnecessarily give antibiotics to the patient.
Her husband, and incarnation of the colonizer, sees her as simply another Creole girl who is too culturally independent, or Creole, to be refined into a "real" English woman.
Owing to the fact that mimicry is "almost the same, but not quite" (Bhabha 86), it reveals an ambivalence between the colonizer and the colonized.
NOT ONLY is Fanon's "world divided in two" devoid of social ambivalences between colonizer and colonized, but Fanon goes so far as to claim that the distinction itself exists at the level of a difference in "species," (6) which he further describes as "congenitally antagonistic" due to the very "reification secreted and nurtured by the colonial situation.
In Administering the Colonizer, Blaine Chiasson, an associate professor at Wilfred Laurier University who specializes in Modern China and Sino-Soviet relations, sets out to explore how Chinese officials administered the Manchurian Special District (SD) in the decade after the First World War.
By using Tagore's character, Bimala in his novel Ghare Baire, I will question this Bengali woman's life in an upper class Bengali family being "modernized," not only because of the incursions of the colonizer but also because of the nationalist agenda of the Indian male.
Finally, the cultural theory of hybridity as Homi Bhabha envisions it, will suggest that colonial identity is ambivalent and hybrid such that it blurs the boundary between colonizer and colonized, therefore undermining colonial power and discourse.
Similarly, the Eurozionist colonizer knows that he is alien and that "Israel" is Palestinian.
THIS IS A SET of readings that explores women's historical experiences under colonialism, both as colonized and colonizer.
Osterhammel engages the monumental world system of Immanuel Wallerstein, re-interprets the issue of power and agency in the struggle between colonized and colonizer, and sets out a definition of colonization intended to be applicable across three continents and five hundred years in a book barely more than one hundred pages in length.
Speaking the same language and sharing the same colonizer have positive but small effects on comovement.
Drawing on the work of Homi Bhabha and his concept of a hybrid space, Cooke argues that colonized subjects are forced to view themselves within the framework allotted by the colonizer, in part accepting the colonizer's view, in part using the space to "write back" and to confront the colonizer with his own--flawed--assumptions.