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inhabited by colonists

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During the study period of 18 months, 17 VRE colonized patients identified in the first year of hospitalization and six patients who had been hospitalized in other centers for fever were not included in the analysis.
As ATO Sekyi-Otu has pointed out, the admonition of what Bhabha calls Fanon's "more immediate identification" with the colonized in Wretched hinges on isolating the moment of "reverse Manicheanism" in Fanon from the larger unfolding of Fanon's own dialectical narrative of decolonization.
We chose to determine macrolide resistance by comparing resistance rates only in the colonized patients (66 on azithromycin and 172 on placebo), not the whole group--the majority of whom were not colonized at all.
Hospital infection-control guidelines provide that each patient colonized or infected with class A ESBL-producing Enterobacteriaceae be moved to a separate, single room with contact precautions in place.
The researchers subsequently infected both colonized and non-colonized germ-free mice with a parasite.
Finally, the cultural theory of hybridity as Homi Bhabha envisions it, will suggest that colonial identity is ambivalent and hybrid such that it blurs the boundary between colonizer and colonized, therefore undermining colonial power and discourse.
1% rate of neonatal infection or colonization in babies born to colonized mothers, and a 0.
Not all infants who were colonized with MRSA had an invasive infection.
Infants whose airways are colonized by one or more of three bacterial species are significantly more likely to develop asthma by 5 years of age than are other children.
The research showing that experimental animals receiving both antibiotics and stomach-acid suppressants colonized large numbers of drug-resistant intestinal bacteria ("Do acid blockers let microbes reach the colon?
The majority of techniques used to determine the existence of viable cells in biofilms involve swabbing, shaking, using mild sonication or enumerating the pathogens in relation to the colonized surface area.
JOHN Boorman s In My Country (Sony Pictures Classics) suggests that post-apartheid Africa has a lesson to teach the First World nations that colonized and now neo-colonize its peoples.
Approximately 5% of horses--all of them on farms with previous MRSA exposures--and 13% of personnel were colonized with MRSA.
This book discusses the social phenomenon of decolonization from two very different perspectives: from the point of view of the colonized, and from the standpoint of academicians and theorists.