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inhabited by colonists

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British control and influence over the natives' institutions and practices of the colonized societies was crucial to the invaders' hegemony and privilege.
7) The language of species used by Fanon is chosen from the vocabulary of the colonists themselves, whose dehumanization of the colonized subject leads them to speak in "zoological" terms when referring, for instance, to the "yellow multitudes.
oxytoca was uncommon in the 9 years before the outbreak; from January 1, 1997, through September 30, 2006, 10 clinical isolates (no bacteremias) and 6 colonized patients were identified.
The researchers subsequently infected both colonized and non-colonized germ-free mice with a parasite.
1% rate of neonatal infection or colonization in babies born to colonized mothers, and a 0.
After dispersal flight season was over the number of colonized holes was counted for each 10-cm section based on the previously described colonization criteria.
The majority of techniques used to determine the existence of viable cells in biofilms involve swabbing, shaking, using mild sonication or enumerating the pathogens in relation to the colonized surface area.
JOHN Boorman s In My Country (Sony Pictures Classics) suggests that post-apartheid Africa has a lesson to teach the First World nations that colonized and now neo-colonize its peoples.
Approximately 5% of horses--all of them on farms with previous MRSA exposures--and 13% of personnel were colonized with MRSA.
First, colonized women were depicted either as morally corrupt, ignorant, promiscuous individuals who needed colonizer's guidance or as noble savages who embodied desirable virtues such as chastity, modesty, purity.
Richard Wright, American writer and civil rights activist, attended the Bandung Conference, and was awed by the monumental significance of the converging of the world's dispossessed; he was convinced that the struggles of blacks in the United States were inextricably linked to those of colonized peoples of color throughout the world.
Her challenge to the ethnocentric homogeny of France and hope to create a new cultural movement based on the diversity of the colonized would be reflected in the black cultural and literary journal La Revue du monde noir (1931-1932).
True, in some instances it would be the human colonized resources which would appeal most to the colonizer, with the prospect of labor so cheap that literally thousands of hours of human labor could be lavished in the making of a single wool rug or bolt of silk fabric.
Sharbaugh mentions that many residents and healthcare personnel have been shown to be colonized [with MRSA (methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus)] and that environmental contamination is not viewed as a major mode of the spread of staphylococci.