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For the colonization study, which was conducted in January (cool/dry season) and August (hot/wet season) 2014, colonization surveys were conducted in the outpatient department.
aureus nasal colonization, and of these, 1,699 met the inclusion criteria (9 samples did not have culture results) (Fig.
The first baiting material to cause hive colonization was slum gum (10 days post hive installation) (10 DPI).
In the first phase of colonization, a time of spreading--and often crude--political and economic control, the churches were intimate with the advance forces of colonization.
aureus nasal colonization, putting some people at increased risk for infection.
Each of the root categories was divided into three equal portions: the distal, the middle and the basal portions to determine the variation of mycorrhizal colonization in different regions of the root.
Qobeissi criticized the Islamic Countries Organization's stance of imposing sanctions on Syria, knowing that it did not take any position against Israel when the latter occupied Arab regions and enlarged the scope of colonization in occupied Palestine.
PHILADELPHIA -- Neonates do not face an increased risk of colonization or infection by Staphylococcus aureus when they are born to mothers who have anovaginal colonization with this pathogen, based on a review of more than 2,700 deliveries.
M Tanveer has said in a statement that Punjab Industrial Estates is currently engaged in a colonization drive aimed at encouraging genuine industrialists, while weeding out speculators through a non-discriminatory and transparent process.
Erakat marked the anniversary by calling on the international community to take effective measures to halt such Israeli colonization actions in occupied East Jerusalem and elsewhere in the West Bank, a press release said.
AaAaAa He condemned the continuation of colonization activities, forced migration, the demotion of houses, and the recurrent rights abuses targeting Palestinians.
Colonization has its own integral and inescapable meaning understood by every Jew and every Arab.
So it's no surprise to expect that Colonization will be well received by regulars to the series.
While a multi-layered debate over slavery and colonization raged throughout the United States, Freedom's Journal offered African-Americans a means of documenting and working toward ending their oppression.
Throughout history, the majority of the Philippines have remained isolated, so overwater colonization must explain the presence of these organisms.