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Patients with kidney stones (staghorn stones) or presenting with acute pyelonephritis were excluded, because they might have a higher probability of DJ bacterial colonisation and affect the results of the study.
Des milliers de tunisiens ont militer contre la colonisation francaise jusqu'a l'independance en 1956.
1%) had clinically significant uropathogenic bacterial colonisation >100,000 colony-forming units per millilitre [cfu/ml]).
4] Okwee-Achai J, Anyanzo TA, Aroba J, Vuchiri JK, Onzivua T and P Okullo Effects of apiary management on colonisation and colony performance of African honey bee (Apis mellifera) in the North-Western Agro-ecological zone of Uganda.
According to the researchers, the asteroid impact killed off these mollusc-based reefs, triggering the return of coral reefs and perhaps enabling the second pulse of acanthomorph colonisation.
A cette epoque oU les Canadiens-francais emigrent vers les villes de la Nouvelle-Angleterre pour travailler en usine, les elites locales ouvrent de nouveaux territoires ala colonisation afin d'enrayer l'exode canadien-francais hors de la province.
Obama: "La possibilite d'une solution a deux Etats continue a exister" Le president americain Barack Obama a affirme jeudi que "la possibilite d'une solution a deux Etats" israelien et palestinien "continuait a exister", en critiquant la colonisation israelienne qui "ne fait pas avancer la paix".
Moderate (only hyphae and vesicle present) colonisation was present in Delonix regia (63%), Samania saman (59%) and Gliricidia sepium (52%) in ten year old plantations of the tree species.
Colonisation by Streptococcus pneumoniae and Staphylococcus aureus in healthy children.
Farming in Hawai'i from Colonisation to Contact: Radiocarbon Chronology and Implications for Cultural Change'.
If the utopian project of colonisation was in part stimulated by utopian representations of Africa and New Holland, then the colonists themselves sometimes responded in utopian fashion to the failure of these utopian projects.
Colonisation is the main reason for the decline in the number of Welshspeaking communities in Cymru.
8), the authors aim to emphasise the ambiguity of French colonisation.
The other structural cause of agricultural decline identified by those Rheaume interviewed was the absence of good colonisation roads.
In the 1994 triptych Grand tort de la colonisation et grosse erreur de l'Afrique independante (The fault of colonization and the error of independent Africa), he represents precolonial Africa as Edenic, and the colonizers as greedy and evil men who divided up the continent among themselves, with no regard to kinship or tribal unity.