colonic irrigation

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a water enema given to flush out the colon


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What it involves: Like colonic irrigation, the coffee solution is inserted through the anus and held in the body for 10 minutes before being released.
By practicing both these procedures, fasting and colonic irrigation, before, during and after menopause, women would free themselves of menopause-related symptoms and major diseases.
Both have been widely covered in entertainment circles, the former because of her reasoning there is no work for black entertainers in the UK ("it's like they operate a one-in, one-out policy - we're all waiting for Lenny Henry to die," she spits), the latter because it involved a fair deal of detox and colonic irrigation, and she doesn't mind telling us all about it.
Gina goes into graphic detail how she lost her weight through colonic irrigation in Thailand.
As we head off to Thailand for a ten-day detox we'll be sharing the ups and downs of colonic irrigation with the community - a topic we wouldn't have discussed with our closest friends let alone the rest of the world.
But because multiple procedures are needed, some surgeons have done only a colonic irrigation rather than a complete bowel preparation, and there have been three reports of colonic explosions, Dr.
Next to what he calls his 'basement relaxation area' is a rather less relaxing one - the colonic irrigation room.
Boost will head commercial breaks during American-produced Jackass, which shows youths carrying out a variety of dangerous stunts such as swimming in sewage, drinking vast amounts of alcohol and having colonic irrigation for fun.
The Bowel Management System (BMS) is indicated for the diversion of fecal matter to minimize external contact and contamination with the patient and to facilitate the collection of fecal matter and to provide access for colonic irrigation and administration of enemas and medications.
Whenever I hear about colonic irrigation, it makes me laugh,'' says Dr.
Practices such as colonic irrigation (running a tube through a patient's rectum in order to "cleanse" the intestines with warm water), iridology (diagnosing illness by studying the iris of the human eye), and ear candling (inserting a burning candle in the ear canal to remove "impurities" from the brain and sinuses) have all been debunked as useless or dangerous (the FDA has even banned the importation of ear candles).
Indeed, I would like to see a Freudian interpretation of social values related to constipation that particularly explores anal retentiveness and the use of dilators, vibrators and colonic irrigation as methods of prevention and cure.
Autointoxication" is the hoary myth that the colon contains all sorts of poisons that should be removed occasionally by such often disastrous practices as fasting, overuse of laxatives, and the bizarre use of colonic irrigation.
In 1980, at a chiropractic clinic in Colorado, 36 patients got amoebic cysts while undergoing colonic irrigation therapy -- an unproven, enema-like treatment used by alternative health practitioners for a variety of complaints.
The deep colon cleanse As used by: Simon Cowell, 55, Madonna, 56, below, and Gwyneth What the celebs say: Simon, who is said to have regular colonic irrigation sessions, raves: "It makes my eyes shine brighter.