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a believer in colonialism

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The move to create an axis "against the colonialist powers" continues Iran's position of hostility against the US, which has strengthened more and more ever since the controversial nuclear deal signed last July.
Schmidtke concludes that "the colonialist structures did not only characterize European powers' policies [toward countries outside Europe], but they have also shaped Europe domestically and provided a forceful script for imperialistic policies" (193).
A real struggle -- and not some intellectualized version of a struggle as is often suggested by some Israeli liberals -- is the only way to defeat racist, colonialist regimes.
no nation in the world has suffered more than the Algerian people on the hand of the despised european colonialist who usurped the land suppressed the dignity and erased the Algerian national identity in a campaign of tyranny that extended to other nations making them to suffer for long years after its exit.
To the colonialist mind it was always of the utmost importance to say: "I know my natives," a claim which implied two things at once: (a) that the native was quite simple and (b) that understanding him and controlling him went hand in hand understanding being a pre-condition for control and control constituting adequate proof of understanding (Ashcroft, 74).
As a point of transition, the critic suggests that Rulfo's use of violence represents not only the turbulent relationship between the post-Revolutionary urban state and the rural community, but also the continuation of the colonialist trend of violence within the patriarchal rural society.
The postcolonial writings also depict the resistance of the natives towards the colonialist ideologies and cultures.
During his speech at the university, Ahmadinejad condemned what he called colonialist thinking from wealthy nations that exploit poorer countries.
There are so many who need chucking out of politics altogether for terrible behaviour" Actress Jean Marsh, pictured "The world today is not going to tolerate any ludicrous and archaic commitment to colonialist ideology" Actor Sean Penn, who supports Argentina in the Falklands row "Love is an ecosystem.
the colonialist destroyed the agri-based economic system that prevailed in Sri Lanka with a huge network of tanks and reservoirs that irrigated several thousand acres of paddy land making Sri Lanka an exporter of rice even to countries like Burma (Myanmar) and Thailand, earlier known as the grainery of Asia and also forcibly acquired the land areas in the hill country and converted it as tea gardens by planting tea in those areas with imported labour from India.
Many like myself who are, in his words, of mixed UK blood can be positive and feel part of this community rather than making negative colonialist attacks.
Briefly, the colonialist coloured people are the direct off springs of the colonialists and the poor African women subjects that they raped and impregnated during their trampling expedition with no respect to culture, tradition and customs of the people they met.
Summary: The responsibility of the Israeli criminal attack on the Free Gaza Flotilla lies on the shoulders of the USA and the American tax payers who are funding the colonialist entity, Israel, the Leader of the Revolution Muammar Gaddafi told the US President Barack Obama in telegram on Monday 31 June.
Those who have occupied our country and taken our people as hostage, want to use the stratagem of negotiation like they used the drama of elections for some time in order to achieve their colonialist objectives.