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a believer in colonialism

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The statement pointed out that today, some groups who claim to be opposition groups are nestled in the lap of the colonialist west, begging it to invade their country or carry out a military intervention to undermine state, fragment the country and undo all that Syrians achieved since independence.
A real struggle -- and not some intellectualized version of a struggle as is often suggested by some Israeli liberals -- is the only way to defeat racist, colonialist regimes.
Thakkar delves further into the effect of a surviving colonialist perspective within the urban-rural relations of post-Revolutionary Mexico in his analysis of the story "Luvina" (in Chapter Four).
This is another example of the imperialist, colonialist tradition that considers the Christian portion of the world superior to others.
The failure would be down to a number of factors: the authoritarian approach adopted in imposing the new order; the inability to generate the capital needed to finance the new plans and the huge debts that mounted; a hostile international environment controlled by departing colonialists which controlled markets and access to external capital; corruption, ethnic and regional rivalries exacerbated by economic woes; and finally military defeat at home, when the army launched a coup.
Many like myself who are, in his words, of mixed UK blood can be positive and feel part of this community rather than making negative colonialist attacks.
Briefly, the colonialist coloured people are the direct off springs of the colonialists and the poor African women subjects that they raped and impregnated during their trampling expedition with no respect to culture, tradition and customs of the people they met.
Summary: The responsibility of the Israeli criminal attack on the Free Gaza Flotilla lies on the shoulders of the USA and the American tax payers who are funding the colonialist entity, Israel, the Leader of the Revolution Muammar Gaddafi told the US President Barack Obama in telegram on Monday 31 June.
French colonialist, who established a fort at Pontchartrain Du Detroit, later known as Detroit.
Queen Elizabeth the Queen Mother sent Michael Farrin several of her ex-chasers, including Colonialist, to ride in the hunting field, and visited the Quorn hunt kennels to see them.
In politics, social mores, economics and education there is a post- colonialist angst evident in the daily news.
Said's thesis was that the Western image of the East was biased by colonialist attitudes and racism: this reconsideration offers a powerful rebuttal to college-level audiences, surveying misinterpretations in Said's original survey of scholarly literature and providing college-level collections strong in history and culture with a fine reinterpretation.
WB: Why did the British colonialist cross the road?
The European colonialist had set the rules" Nunez writes.
From this chronological stringing, though, a comprehensive context emerges that reveals the South American idyll as a colonialist construct.