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exploitation by a stronger country of weaker one

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Cesaire's three-part book titled Discourse on Colonialism is one of the corner stones of postcolonial thinking like Fanon's Black Skin; White Mask (1952[2008]).
Believing that the process of liberation is irresistible and irreversible and that, in order to avoid serious crises, an end must be put to colonialism and all practices of segregation and discrimination associated therewith,
This is the resource to consult with regard to the relation of Christianity and colonialism and inculturation efforts.
Part second of the book is about the various challenges of British colonialism in India.
To this present situation, many are forced to reflect on the ways British colonialism shaped the South's trajectory, for better or worse.
While the publication of edited textbooks usually occurs in the emerging stages of a discipline, a book of this kind is justified since it targets a very specific topic within the realm of Aboriginal studies in Canada; hence the title, Racism, Colonialism, and Indigeneity in Canada.
Lecture by professor Ania Loomba, author of "Colonialism/Postcolonialism" and "Shakespeare, Race, and Colonialism.
Summary: The secretary general of Algeria's National Organization of Mujahideen, or veterans of the independence war, on Tuesday asked the new parliament to adopt a law criminalizing French colonialism.
Introduction: colonialism, cultural contact, transfer or cultural dependence?
The world today cannot tolerate ridiculous demonstrations of colonialism.
He said: "What the Argentinians have been saying recently, I would argue, is far more like colonialism because these people want to remain British and the Argentinians want them to do something else.
The citizens of the world, 'We The People' are 'satisfied,' legally and morally, as is the Russell Tribunal, that Israel practices Colonialism and Apartheid in the illegally Occupied Palestinian Territories, so the real tragedy Ambassador is that our so-called leaders do nothing to address the situation even though the law is clear.
We don't want to see a new colonialism in Africa," she said.
In a unique combination of the histories of tourism, medicine, and colonialism, Eric T.