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Synonyms for colon

the basic unit of money in El Salvador

the basic unit of money in Costa Rica

a port city at the Caribbean entrance to the Panama Canal

a punctuation mark (:) used after a word introducing a series or an example or an explanation (or after the salutation of a business letter)

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Travis Stork, a hormone called ghrelin is very likely at the root of the outstanding results being experienced by sleeve gastrectomy patients like the Colones.
c) Multa de mil a cien mil colones, segun la gravedad de la
Finding ways to reduce costs and work efficiently is increasingly becoming a focus," Colones says.
After random analysis of 20 clones with PCR, plasmids were extracted from sense colones and digested with Bg/II and EcoRI enzymes to confirm the expression of the bovine c-FLIP(L).
Oral contraceptives were offered (through "acceptable members of the community") to poor women with many children for free or in return for a modest payment (4 colones or $0.
If that advice were acted upon, devaluation from 5 to 8 colones per dollar would stand a good chance of being sustained in real terms.
Another time, she posed as a peasant woman nine months pregnant while carrying 240 thousand colones to buy arms.
There is no firm timetable for removing all colones from circulation, but the Central Bank predicts 50% of the local currency will be replaced by June.
Three colones is what they saved every day from each one of them by not giving them any food to eat
The government charged the farmers two colones per year for every hectare they occupied.
Assuming stability in interest rates and the sustainability of last years' growth rates, foregone gross interest income will be close to 90,000 million of colones (USD 180 millions) or 6% of last year's gross interest income generated by the restricted assets.
TRAVEL FILE CURRENCY Costa Rica accepts US dollars and Costa Rican Colones which you should buy there for a better rate.
It's 7 million colones [some US $14,000], compared to the 2 million ]some US$4,000] she would receive were she to return to her original job" as a lower-rank PGR attorney.
Also announced is the creation of a trust of more than 7 billion colones to benefit 376 pineapple producers, as an alternative to the crisis faced by micro, small and medium producers of this fruit in Upala, Guatuso, Los Chiles, Pital, San Carlos, Rio Cuarto, Sarapiqui, La Santa Cecilia Cruz, Guapiles, Limon and Guacimo.