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a commissioned military officer in the United States Army or Air Force or Marines who ranks above a lieutenant colonel and below a brigadier general

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Indeed, after borrowing to buy a captaincy, majority, and colonelcy, he found himself in debt to almost everyone from close family members to his boot maker.
Now, in 1942, the Dodgers came calling again because Larry MacPhail, the onetime Rickey protege who had built the Dodgers into a contender, had resigned after the 1942 season to accept a lieutenant colonelcy in the supply division of the United States Army in Europe.
COLONEL ta2 = colonelcy, corolline TOM tp = mot TOM ta1 = atom, moot, most, moth, omit, tomb TOM ta2 = comet, emote, moist, motel, motor, storm PARKER tp = repark PARKER ta1 = parkier, reparks, sparker PARKER ta2 = parroket, partaker, prefrank, sparkler
Later, he was appointed an aide to the governor and granted a colonelcy in the Nebraska National Guard.
50) The question of Wilhelm's colonelcy was more than a trivial costume farce, though as late as 1910 Wilhelm complained bitterly to a visiting British minister (another Liberal) that the British "positively misunderstood this passion [for uniforms].
Although instrumental in recruiting the men, and highly regarded by them, Rice's colonelcy was meant to be temporary and he was never commissioned.