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Synonyms for Cologne

a commercial center and river port in western Germany on the Rhine River

a perfumed liquid made of essential oils and alcohol

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And Fan looked up with wet eyes, and a wistful face at Polly, who was putting little dabs of cologne all over her head.
Even the prosaic Emma Jane was affected by them, for in the evening she said, "I don't expect you to believe it, but I have another idea,-- that's two in one day; I had it while I was putting cologne on your head.
It is because in my prosperity I forgot those old friends, monsieur; because I have acted like Queen Marie de Medicis, who, returning from her first exile, treated with contempt all those who had suffered for her and, being proscribed a second time, died at Cologne abandoned by every one, even by her own son.
At night she often looked very attractive, she put on a gown which was almost a dinner dress, and she wore a chain of garnets round her neck; the lace about her bosom and at her elbows gave her a pleasant softness, and the scent she wore (at Blackstable no one used anything but Eau de Cologne, and that only on Sundays or when suffering from a sick headache) was troubling and exotic.
It was a coarse wood-cut, representing a splendid meteor "as seen in the town of Cologne," which was to be read below in bright letters.
Though solid colognes are not very common, this seasonally appropriate offering is a good cologne to get.
With top notes of bergamot and hints of Sichuan pepper, it is one of the best sellers for the year 2016 and a winner of many magazine awards for men's cologne.
Blanche Immortelle and Santal Carmin, the latest additions to Collection Metal, are now composed of four colognes absolues designed around the most rare and mysterious ingredients.
Cuba's biggest producer of natural products has come up with a pair of colognes for the discerning supporter of international socialism who wants something more than just the iconic "Che'' T-shirt.
All colognes are distributed in the Philippines by Jaric Marketing Inc.
Washington, June 9 (ANI): It was only in advertisements that one saw sniffers going wild over designer perfumes and colognes, but now it is official that Calvin Klein's cologne actually attracts jaguars, pumas and other wildlife.
Teen boys are cutting back on their use of traditional colognes as inexpensive body sprays sold through mass retailers grab hold of their attention.
But I think she also noticed it because I used to mix different brand names - I love Tommy Hilfiger and Polo - and try to get my own special scent so it would be different than the colognes the other boys were wearing at school,'' he added.
Since it doesn't take too much sleuthing to find out what a person's favorite fragrance is, perhaps you could complete your shopping at Perfume Corner, a specialty boutique with discounted perfumes and colognes for men and women.
The number one reason males choose a cologne or aftershave is because it's `liked by women'.