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arboreal monkey of western and central Africa with long silky fur and reduced thumbs

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My questions persist, even when the lights are out at night and I'm falling asleep and trying to understand what it all means: sprawled out along thick mampato branches or curled around each other high up in the forest--are the colobus monkeys dreaming?
The researchers found that the more male red colobus monkeys dined on the leaves of Millettia dura, a tropical tree containing estrogen-like compounds, the higher their levels of estradiol and cortisol.
Zoo staff have even named the tiny colobus monkey Sokojoo which means hiccup in the Gambian language Mandinka.
Police seized the coat during the show and tests confirmed it was made from the fur of a colobus monkey.
Experts from the Natural History Museum have confirmed that the coat is not made from gorilla fur but from the fur of the colobus monkey.
5MILLION red colobus monkeys a year - all to supply an illegal meat trade.
An open-air grove, 60 feet high and enclosed in wire mesh, lets you watch a troupe of colobus monkeys leap and screech through a canopy of trees, just as they would in the wild.
colobi-like organisms were identified in snub-nosed golden colobus monkeys in northwestern China (6).
London, Apr 16 ( ANI ): Gorillas and colobus monkeys consume huge quantities of plants, which contain oestrogen-like compounds that may protect against some cancers - but if taken in excessive amounts, it may result in reproductive repercussions, according to a new study.
It was an interesting route as we started the climb in lush forest and observed a number of black and white Colobus monkeys.
Guides will lead Keats and his entourage on a nine-day trek up the western approach, from a rain forest filled with colobus monkeys to its windy perch above the clouds.
Trekking along the Rongai Route, one of the least travelled paths to the summit, trekkers will pass through farmlands, lush rainforests and alpine meadows they might even see one of the infamous Colobus monkeys.
Tests later showed it was actually made from the skins of black and white colobus monkeys.
But the pelt does originate from black and white colobus monkeys - and it is a criminal offence to import it.