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arboreal monkey of western and central Africa with long silky fur and reduced thumbs

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loved visiting the Jozani Forest and seeing the rare Red Colobus Monkeys up close.
During the first year, centre staff have trained Gambian government officials in biodiversity, helped conserve rare species such as the red colobus monkey and started a regular column on conservation in the national paper, The Gambian Observer.
JN798193-196), 1 chimpanzee (JN798203), and 1 black-and-white colobus monkey (JN798211).
Humans are almost four times more likely to be at risk from bugs from chimps, which last shared an ancestor with us eight million years ago, than a colobus monkey, with which we were last related 34 million years ago.
A spokeswoman for People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals said an expert had told them the fur is likely to come from an endangered Colobus monkey.
In 1969 we had Britain's first Colobus monkey born in captivity.
Predation of the red colobus monkey by chimpanzees (11,12) may favor such cross-species transmissions, as documented in the genesis of simian immunodeficiency [virus.
Zoo staff have even named the tiny colobus monkey Sokojoo which means hiccup in the Gambian language Mandinka.
They hold many British captive breeding 'firsts' including the first successful breeding of the colobus monkey, the spectacled langur, bonobo and pleated gibbon.
He is the second colobus monkey born at the Philadelphia Zoo.
Experts at London's National History Museum identified it as colobus monkey fur.
Variation in adult sex ratios of red colobus monkey social groups: implications for interspecific comparisons.
Experts at the National History Museum in London identified it as colobus monkey fur.
Experts say the coat is more likely to be made from the endangered colobus monkey than gorilla skin.