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severe gastroenteritis of unknown etiology

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The banking system may have had a touch of the collywobbles over the amount of debt it was holding backed by property, but at the end of the day they hold bricks and mortar and these are good investments.
With all their riches, financial and in playing numbers, England must find a cure for the collywobbles that prove so terminal whenever it rains or some foaming Celt snarls in their direction.
The world economy is having a bad dose of the collywobbles and Western nations are tightening their belts and buying braces just to be sure.
Phil adds rheumatiz, collywobbles, blahs, and nubs.
If we get the collywobbles early on that can transmit itself to the players and that's the last thing they need.
My complexion and the shutter by this time being of the same hue, Mother, having never been a boy herself, diagnosed my condition as a severe case of collywobbles.
However, the status quo at the top was maintained as Burnmoor overcame collywobbles to beat Easington and extend their lead to 25 points - and also keep their undefeated tag.
STOURBRIDGE will hope to belatedly shake off the end of season collywobbles that threaten to terminally derail their promotion bandwagon when they face Preston Grasshoppers tomorrow.
Stuart, from Swansea, is planning to spend two months rowing 3,500 nautical miles across the ocean and his main concern is getting the collywobbles.
Cahill's collywobbles affected his central defensive partner, Chris Smalling's shocking back-pass close to an own goal and Fred clipping the top of the bar.
And this time Joey Essex is touchingly crestfallen at his marks, Caprice struggles after a disastrous and painful practice, garden designer Diarmuid Gavin gets the collywobbles and sports presenter Charlotte Jackson breaks her toe.
TP occupied pride of place in all the best British guidebooks that deal with the terror incognita which lies East of Suez, where be modern-day dragons in the form of Delhi-belly and the Bombay bog-trot, Calcutta collywobbles and Trivandrum tum-tum.
But the first time she walked along the famous cobbles she admitted getting collywobbles.
Dae they 'ave a touch of the collywobbles that day?