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Synonyms for collyrium

lotion consisting of a solution used as a cleanser for the eyes

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The language of this refrain has always struck me: the impurities of the world are likened to anjanu, collyrium or antimony which is at once black and dusty and thus equated with the metaphysical "filth" (malu) one acquires by virtue of worldly involvement.
Nazar na lagai ma pey jai Kad ni bhabhi kajle di dhara Aun bibi hoi siani Wadieji Wadie Keep away the evil eye Draw the collyrium in her eyes, oh sister-in-law Now the girl is mature.
It contains a black paste (made of collyrium and oil) which is exclusively used in tantric contexts.
To that end, all packaging and advertising strategies for its Collyrium Fresh are stressing that the product is pharmacist-recommended.
The poor girl symbolizing India, in fact, is conventionally described (tender hands, delicate neck, fragrant locks, narcissus' eyes) and likewise conventional is his statement of what she deserves instead of the hard work she's compelled to (henna for her hands, gold bracelets for her wrists, garlands for her neck, collyrium for her eyes).
Ithmid, 'antimony, collyrium, or kohl' (the latter cognate with the preceding imperative verb, kuhhil, 'outline [the edges of the eyelids] with kuhl').