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acting together in secret toward a fraudulent or illegal end


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Although subjects do not know the number of rounds, it is possible that the degree of collusiveness decreases as subjects have the opportunity to learn.
They calculate the degree of collusiveness for all four treatments and conclude that the slope of the reaction function was an important determinant in the degree of collusion, but behavior did not vary significantly depending on whether or not the collusive outcome was higher or lower than the Nash prediction.
Pair-Level Average Degree of Collusiveness by Rounds of Play Substitutes Complements Mean Standard Mean Standard Rounds of Play [rho] Deviation [rho] Deviation Panel A: 10 Round Sessions All 10 rounds -0.
Looking back at the potlatch phenomenon of certain 'primitive' societies, and extending the idea of symbolic exchange to a broader level, he seems to regret (although he quickly adds that there is 'no point in being nostalgic') the loss of 'a symbolic circulation of things in which none has a separate individuality, in which all operate in a kind of universal collusiveness of inseparable forms' (pp.