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acting together in secret toward a fraudulent or illegal end


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For each player, we calculate the average deviation over all rounds played (not including round 1), and the resulting number gives a measure of how collusively that person priced.
The starting point is a model of oligopoly in which a collusively determined high price is an equilibrium because rivals will revert to competition to punish a deviator who tries to capture a large volume of sales by beating its rivals' price for one period.
There was an opportunity provided by USF recovery plans, fostered by the FCC, to jointly increase prices more collusively.
Journal of International Economic Law, 10(1), 87 at 89--"export cartels are agreements between exporter to act collusively in respect of some aspects of their export activity.
freight forwarder conspired from May 2000 until September 2001 to file rates with DOD at collusively determined levels.
These apparently collusively fixed surcharges include a variety of costs that presumably should vary as among carriers, such as equipment repositioning charges and paper work filing.
At the moment everyone keeps their commissions high, and it will stay that way for as long as the banks continue to behave collusively.
That recognition provides a strong incentive for acting collusively to maintain a uniform price.
However, anyone who has taken Auditing 101 knows that despite admonitions to have checks and balances and segregation of duties, internal controls are easily overridden by senior management acting collusively.
Similarly, when the United States assesses whether "coordinated interaction" will lessen competition and the European Union evaluates the prospect of "collective dominance," both are weighing whether firms in the post-merger world are more likely to act collusively and agree on competitive terms in such a way that harms consumers.
But he added, "On the other hand, if they were done collusively, they could violate antitrust laws.
For MCI and Sprint to behave collusively requires that other facilities-based carriers cannot mimic the path from entry to mass marketer that they had pioneered a decade earlier.