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acting together in secret toward a fraudulent or illegal end


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9 ( ANI ): In the backdrop of the recent scams reported in the banking sector, citizens have flagged concern on various aspects of business-banker nexus and the gaps that exist, particularly of collusive corruption existing among (PSBs).
Under World Bank procurement guidelines, these actions constituted collusive practices.
CCP remains particularly vigilant against collusive activities which is the most egregious form of anti-competitive behaviour.
CCP remains particularly vigilant against collusive activities, which are the most egregious form of anti-competitive behaviour, statement said adding collusive activities are prohibited under Section 4 of the Competition Act, 2010.
The sanction is part of a Negotiated Resolution Agreement (NRA) following the company's acknowledgment of improper payments to a sub-contractor and collusive misconduct to obtain and modify bid specifications to narrow competition and secure the award of the contract.
Moon campaigned to upend collusive ties between "Chaebol" groups and top officials and push institutional reform that spreads economic gains.
The hands of the Philippine Competition Commission will be full going after the collusive actors in public bidding in the public sector.
While this does not necessarily mean that settlements in Paragraph IV challenges really are collusive, the practical impact of settlements appears to be that they inflate prices and depress quantity for up to several years after the challenge, though in the longer term it appears they have little, if any, effect," the researchers report.
Anthony Maton, managing partner at Hausfeld's London office, said: "The extent of collusive conduct in the FX market is now clear.
Prohibited horizontal practices (agreements or concerted practices) are named collusive.
In procurement auctions, where firms compete by setting prices, observing the prices set by one's rivals can be crucial to the feasibility of any collusive scheme (Porter 2005).
CFHEC) following admission of fraudulent and collusive practices in an AfDB-financed project.
As Dunn shows in his next article, (2) collusive lawsuits amplify the power of the state over science still further.
In fact, when a firm cheats from the collusive agreement is possible that the rest of cartel partners take some periods in detecting that deviation.
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