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acting together in secret toward a fraudulent or illegal end


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43) Levine's participation suggests the benefits that at least some employers saw in this type of collusive organization.
This ceiling provides a publicly observable gauge that the colluding firms can use to judge compliance with a collusive agreement.
Such relationships allow coalitions of workers to establish and maintain collusive agreements for a variety of reasons.
In addition, a special team investigating allegations of fraud by collusive employers in the West Midlands has prepared 21 cases for formal caution and penalty action and has recommended a further 57 cases be prosecuted.
Korea plunged into financial crisis with other Asian countries because it had developed an opaque, collusive nexus between banks, business and government that ran counter to the principles of democracy and a market economy, Mr Kim said.
The party chairman charged Habibie failed to do his utmost to implement the mandate and decrees of the People's Consultative Assembly (MPR), especially to eliminate corrupt, collusive and nepotistic practices, according to the paper.
McMaster finds many others close to the president in collusive denial, such as aide McGeorge Bundy, willing to advocate an expansion of the American military in both North and South Vietnam despite pessimism verging on defeatism.
And now they're doing the same thing again, because the ongoing consent decree that had forced them not to engage in anti-competitive, collusive practices relating to an engineering product has been abolished.
That's because it has been real collaboration, in which all parties learn, and has not been a collusive partnership.
Section 4(1) of New York's Lien Law provides that: "In no case shall the owner be liable to pay by reason of all liens created pursuant to this article a sum greater than the value or agreed price of the labor and materials remaining unpaid, at the time of filing notices of such liens [subject to limited exceptions for advance payments and collusive conveyances under Lien Law Section7].
Instead, law enforcement should analyze potentially violent coalitions among key members and focus on dissolving the entire collusive network.
When he invoked the emotive freight of "lynching" against Anita Hill's charges of sexual harassment, he did so precisely to summon up guilt and shame on the part of his white male interrogators, and thereby to enable a collusive masculine solidarity across racial lines in order to discredit the black woman's voice.
Triads, as Mayer calls these relationships, may consist of a mother-child incest (involving a victim, a female abuser and her male partner) or father-child incest (involving a victim, a male abuser and a collusive mother).
One powerful weapon in the fight is the SAS([R]) Fraud Framework for Government, which can be applied to many areas of government - from detecting collusive patterns in entitlement programs such as Medicare and Medicaid to purchase-card fraud, bid-rigging and terrorist financing.