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Synonyms for collude

Synonyms for collude

to work out a secret plan to achieve an evil or illegal end

Synonyms for collude

act in unison or agreement and in secret towards a deceitful or illegal purpose


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Hasan told Al Jazeera that British agents colluded in multiple ways.
Lawyers for Briton Jamil Rahman wrote to Jacqui Smith claiming that she colluded in assault, unlawful arrest, false imprisonment and breaches of human rights legislation.
Lawyers for Briton Jamil Rahman have written to Jacqui Smith claiming that she colluded in assault, unlawful arrest, false imprisonment and breaches of human rights legislation.
Summary: British police have been asked to investigate claims that MI5 colluded in the torture of former Guantanamo detainee Binyam Mohamed, the country's top law official said Thursday.
He maintains that thousands of residential students were murdered over the course of a century, alleging that the government, the churches and the RCMP colluded to commit genocide through the schools.
Presenting officer Sheleen McCormack said Mr and Mrs Gunn had colluded in altering the original test papers.
THE accusation that leading supermarkets and dairy processors colluded to fix the price of milk, butter and cheese is damaging in the extreme
This is the same John McCain who battled the border fence and colluded with Teddy Kennedy on the amnesty bill rejected by Congress last year after a national uproar.
And they receive aid and comfort from misguided and timid editorial pages, like those of The Washington Post and The New York Times, which also colluded with power in the run-up to the Iraq war instead of challenging it and which now circumscribe discourse with the narrow frame of how best to muddle through rather than promote an honest debate about whether to stay or go.
The Commission alleged that SAA and Lufthansa colluded to fix ticket prices on flights between Cape Town, Johannesburg and Frankfurt.
The fraud of the rate hikes is that the City Council and mayor have for years colluded to rip tens of millions of dollars in ratepayer money out of the DWP to give to their friends and acquaintances inside and outside City Hall.
According to the commission, the companies colluded with, or forced, dealers to fix prices for new vehicles.
Attaching their names to their likenesses (like figures by Warhol or Katz), such sitters let it be known that they colluded with their portraitists.
Mr Finucane's killing is one of the most controversial crimes of the Northern Ireland Troubles due to claims that police and military intelligence colluded with paramilitaries who did the shooting.
We understand that Forsythe and Thompson colluded to defraud the business with the intention of setting up a new venture on the back of these ill-gotten gains and also to fund an extravagant lifestyle.