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Synonyms for collude

Synonyms for collude

to work out a secret plan to achieve an evil or illegal end

Synonyms for collude

act in unison or agreement and in secret towards a deceitful or illegal purpose


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In other words, I would need a time machine in order to collude.
This suggests that firms in closer proximity are more likely to collude.
According to an administrative complaint filed by the FTC, on two occasions in 2010, Fortiline invited a competing firm, which mainly manufactures ductile iron pipe but also engaged in direct sales to contractors, to collude on pricing in North Carolina and most of Virginia.
Julien plays up the simultaneity of visual ease and psychological discomfort through a selection of images that commingle to suggest a story but also collude against the possibility of resolution.
The invitation to collude cases collectively represent one of the FTC's most aggressive uses of section 5.
Another example she provides is that politicians often collude with administrators to implement "the good idea'.
We have too much knowledge to collude with that kind of attitude.
In "Desdemona's Disposition," Lena Cowen Orlin carefully examines the changes in place (from Sagittary to Cyprus and into an increasingly "domestic" space) that may encourage an audience well-versed in patriarchal theories to collude in the mistaken assumptions which lead to uxoricide.
In addition to the factors influencing collusion in a rent seeking framework, the size of the rent available to the winning coalition may increase as firms collude in a rent shrinking environment.
They held salons where members of the establishment could get together and socialize, compare notes, exchange political gossip, commiserate, collude.
The lawsuit alleges greed for fees that drove five area banks, four collapsed Georgia banks and 12 current and former senior banking executives to allegedly collude with the Shailendra family to commit fraud by knowingly aiding in the Shailendra's alleged massive $100mm Ponzi scheme.
Newly appointed DCI chief George Kinoti says the Flying Squad is being reconstituted because of reports some police collude with criminals.
THE RUC did not collude in the IRA murder of Arthur Rafferty who died weeks after he was shot in 1974.
District Court in Atlanta claims AirTran invited Delta to collude on the fee, saying it would begin charging if Delta did so first, which Delta accepted.
The renowned Scoop6 punter Harry Findlay holds four of the eight bonustilting tickets and has been contacted by the Coral winner Ken Facey, a 78-year-old from Porthcawl, after his call in the Racing Post yesterday to collude for the extra payday.