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a photomechanical printing process that uses a glass plate with a gelatin surface that carries the image to be reproduced

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The Marketing/End-Uses Group Winner is Collotype Labels North America Wines & Spirits (USA) for Dream No.
It was left to Sir John Marshall to edit the account of the excavation, which appeared in 1931 with 164 collotype plates.
In a world first, Collotype Labels -- Australia's largest printer of wine labels -- has co-developed leading edge brand security for premium wines using DNA technology.
There are some other fine facsimiles regarding Blake's books which were published in the early 1970s by the Trianon Press in Paris using collotype printing which nobody in England at the time could achieve.
The Marketing/End-Uses Group Winner was Collotype Labels Griffith, Australia for De Bortoli Wines--La Boherne.
The quality of this business is second to none and will enhance the Collotype Wine & Spirit label division's global leadership position.
When the government permitted a short note alongside the address on pictorial postcards in 1897, the General Post Office and the printing industry saw a huge boost in business, which coincided with Valentine's success in collotype printing, a lithographic technique that mechanically reproduced images to print as postcards.
As a printmaker he had few competitors, whether in screenprint, etching, collotype, stone-lithography, offset, the Polaroid camera, or the photocopier - if a medium didn't exist for print, he would discover it.
TLMI congratulates association members Collotype Labels, McDowell Label & Screen Printing and Smyth/Dow Industries for winning awards.
MCC President & CEO, Nigel Vinecombe said, "Guidotti CentroStampa is a perfect fit for our specialized Collotype Wine & Spirit Label division.
Vinecombe, 46, became Chief Operating Officer in May 2009 and was President of the International Business Unit, and became a Director of Multi-Color on February 29, 2008, at the time the Company acquired Collotype International Holdings Pty Ltd.
In addition to McDowell Label and Screen Printing, Best of Class winners are Collotype Labels Digital Department, Collotype Labels USA.
Among leading European converters, CCL, Reynders and Stratus all had booths at the show, Multi-Color was present but only via its Italian subsidiary Collotype Spa, and French market leader Autajon was nowhere to be seen.
Collotype Labels USA--a division of Multi--Color Corporation, won the coveted Best of Show award for its Le Pich label.