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a conversation especially a formal one

formal conversation

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Here the assembly, seeing but not hearing the colloquy between the two brothers, became uneasy on the subject of the coming race.
Horace left Lady Janet, and joined Mercy and Julian--impatient of the private colloquy between them.
So remarkable did it seem to Miss Morleena, that that young lady, at the imminent hazard of having her ear sliced off, had not been able to forbear looking round, some score of times, during the foregoing colloquy.
Powell did not know why it was he had resolved to keep his own counsel as to his colloquy with Mr.
It was now my turn to be confounded; but the young lady, who had been busily patting the snow with her foot during our short sotto- voce colloquy, very opportunely came to my assistance by pinching her companion's arm and whispering a suggestion that his friend should be invited to step into the carriage and go with them; it being scarcely agreeable to stand there among so many gazers, and keeping their friends waiting into the bargain.
Watching them from a distance, Turlington's suspicious eye detected the appearance of something unduly confidential in the colloquy between the two.
Osborne spread out the evening paper, and George knew from this signal that the colloquy was ended, and that his papa was about to take a nap.
It certainly appeared, at first sight, a singular spot to choose, for that or any other purpose of relaxation, if the other cellars answered to the one in which this brief colloquy took place; for the floors were of sodden earth, the walls and roof of damp bare brick tapestried with the tracks of snails and slugs; the air was sickening, tainted, and offensive.
On October 29, Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY), during a colloquy on the Senate floor, pledged to work with the House to reverse the cuts to crop insurance when the upcoming federal funding measure is taken up.
Beaman's contribution to die February 1992 Colloquy.
At Colloquy, we spend a lot of time working with corporations to promote our partner programs.
It noted asking the Traffic Court Rules Committee and the Conference of County Court Judges in a previous opinion to address "whether we should adopt, by rule amendment, a model colloquy informing a defendant in a traffic infraction hearing of the right against self-incrimination.
household has signed up for 18 programs, a 2011 survey by LoyaltyOne research firm Colloquy shows.
The World Days are an occasion for a variety of national events: colloquy, conferences, radio and television debates, open days, disaster prevention and simulation exercises, and an opportunity to take stock of the development of Civil Protection structures and of the existing technical and equipment means available.
It is a subject that will be examined at the an international colloquy on "The Reunification of the Parthenon Marbles" to be held in London 19 & 20 June, to register please visit http://www.