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a conversation especially a formal one

formal conversation

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the court in Fifth Amendment plea colloquies and the role of counsel
lower courts' use of plea colloquies to negate findings of
The Colloquies contain a few Dutch proverbs, but none have been recognized as such in scholarly literature.
Petrus Rabus of Rotterdam, who translated and annotated the Colloquies in the late seventeenth century, recalls "the Dutch proverb about the fishmonger who wheeled his cart into church, saying, 'Business is where the people are.
This new edition of AElfric Bata's Colloquies is most
Particularly in light of current ecumenical discussions, it is certain that the religious colloquies of the sixteenth century will be gaining ever more attention in coming decades.
But of the colloquies that took place in the subsequent days, most were intended to bolster the original speaker; those that were critical of the speaker's points never got very far.
In the three days of debate," there were three colloquies on the floor that engaged four or more senators.
One of the earliest volumes published in the ASD was Erasmus's Colloquies (1972), even earlier translated into English (1965) in a volume of magisterial scholarship by Craig Thompson.
The two volumes on the colloquies place them at the end of each colloquy, which is a good compromise, given the nature of that text.
Once again, whether the colloquies concern sin and death or success and happiness, professional identity and behavior are Glissenti's principal frame for discussing spiritual and psychological experience.
The treatise's actual "pratica del ben morire" with its traditional battery of spiritual temptations and remedies puts in relief the remaining bulk of colloquies and novellas that explore principally the psychological attitudes toward death.
One of Erasmus's most widely disseminated and certainly most notorious works, the Colloquies, is discussed in a separate chapter but in the same context.
Erika Rummel's new Erasmus anthology is an effectively organized and illuminating group of texts edited from Craig Thompson's version of The Colloquies and more recent CWE translations, with a prefatory essay and brief introductions and generally useful notes to the individual texts.
It has long been translated, having appeared in English editions of Erasmus' colloquies.