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Short-Tail Lines: Colloquialism describing an insurance coverage that has a brief period between the occurrence and payment of a claim.
He believes he's constantly been deprived of sleep by others and he's constantly been snooped upon, to use a colloquialism, and that's why his behaviour was this way.
Some people say Madge is a colloquialism for a boring middle-aged housewife while others say it is short for Her Majesty.
I also believe that this book would be useful for ESL learners who are farther along precisely because it does explore colloquialism to an extent, as it is undeniable that the colloquial constituent is an inescapable fact of using the language.
She said the word "tapatio" is a Mexican colloquialism that refers to anything from the state of Jalisco.
Some 880,000 viewers have flocked to see the film, whose title is a play on the ghetto colloquialism "your mother", in the two weeks since its release.
The US Army colloquialism for white phosphorous is 'willie pete'; normally associated with grenades and flares.
Sandra (0151-Representatives from theNYC Liverpool Supporters branch were not offended by the banner and indicated that far frombeing racist, the term Yank is actually used as a colloquialism.
In this programme, Dannsa - which we presume is Gaelic for dance, although it works in west coast colloquialism too ("ya dancer
The Price of Sacrifice is presented in a simplified Classic Arabic, which will introduce an educational message to new generations far away from colloquialism.
Gitanjali (Song Offerings), Gora (Fair-Faced), and Ghare-Baire (The Home and the World) are his best-known works, and his verse, short stories, and novels were acclaimed for their lyricism, colloquialism, naturalism, and contemplation.
That is just not cricket, to use an English colloquialism, and undermines the integrity of sport
We have a colloquialism here that states one can't compare apples and oranges.
Suarez (right) will claim that the row blew up over his use of the South American colloquialism "negrito" and that the word has no racist overtones.
Interestingly, the name Pimmies, which is seen as a nickname or colloquialism, is not regarded as an infringement of "intellectual property rights", said Pimblett administrators KPMG Restructuring.