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The longevity of these colloquialisms and their environmental health connections is testament to the importance of our work.
Short-Tail Lines: Colloquialism describing an insurance coverage that has a brief period between the occurrence and payment of a claim.
The noun is derived from the colloquialism pumpen ("to pump") used for indiscriminate borrowing.
With much success he walks a fine line between scholarly jargon and patronizi ng colloquialism.
The drug abuser should understand that "dying to win" is no longer an idle colloquialism in sport.
The spirit of New England dissent and of Emersonian self-reliance underlies the urbanized Yankee colloquialism of Cummings' verse.
are familiar with the original Hans Christian Andersen tale and who might also understand the colloquialism 'clothes horse'.
Here is a man with genuinely funny bones, able to prompt peals of laughter from a quirky colloquialism or a nonplussed expression.
The first was when it used the word complementarity, which we are reliably informed is a local colloquialism for "goes together" and is a phrase that is often uttered in local hostelries.
Amadan is an Irish-Gaelic colloquialism for fool or idiot, the Web site says.
The condition is now so widespread it has earned a place in the Macmillan English Dictionary as a colloquialism for this form of repetitive strain injury (RSI).
A caveat: one passage contains material that adults might want to put in historical context for younger listeners: a colloquialism of the time ("the n-- in the woodpile"), expressed by Ken's father.
Disdaining anecdote and colloquialism in favor of an uplifting, evangelical tone, and interweaving advice and encouragement, she addressed her statements sometimes explicitly, always implicitly, to students and aspiring artists.
Surely we don't need an imported colloquialism to address the most important person in our life.
The word Beiz is a colloquialism designating an old-fashioned inn in the German-speaking part of Switzerland.