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ML233 was colloidally stabilized by copolymerized and some free polyacrylic acid as well as by SDS reversibly adsorbed from the aqueous suspending solution.
Although silt particles cannot, in the strict sense of the word, disperse and remain in suspension colloidally, they are potentially subject to binding within the soil matrix.
For the homogeneous dispersion, the titanate nanoparticles are required to be colloidally stable in precursor solution, and affinity between the titanate nanoparticles and host polymer has to be strengthened.
They were 50 and 250 VOC gloss paints made with either a surfactant stabilized binder (Rhoplex HG-700) or a colloidally stabilized binder (Rhoplex AC-2508).
The aqueous dispersion has a Brookfield viscosity, at 60 rpm using spindle three, of less than 2000 cps and colloidally stable and sedimentation stable.
the primary droplets are much smaller directly after sonication, but colloidally unstable, whereas larger droplets are broken up with higher probability.
In the nanoparticle-based, solid-phase immunoassay, colloidally more stable bioconjugates than those used in agglutination assays can be applied to further reduce the nonspecific binding because no specific particle-particle interactions are required (37).
Our system is poly(methyl methacrylate) latex dispersed in heptane and colloidally stabilized by a surface layer of polydimethylsiloxane (silicone).