colloidal suspension

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a colloid that has a continuous liquid phase in which a solid is suspended in a liquid

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Ruoff, Colloidal suspension of highly reduced grapheme oxide in a variety of organic solvent, Nano Lett.
Nawaz, Q, Rharbi, Y, "Effects of the Nanomechanical Properties of Polymer Nanoparticles on Crack Patterns During Drying of Colloidal Suspensions.
Coating of ITO nano-particles up to 40% in colloidal suspension appeared to be an effective means to prevent from lightning-strike damage in composite airframes.
The colloidal suspension, held in a 15 litre polypropylene reservoir, was fed to the inlet port of the membrane module by a pump.
In this experiment, liposomes that encapsulated a fluorescent dye [28] were mixed to form a colloidal suspension with the DI water in the fluid reservoir.
One application of the 780/APS is upstream and downstream monitoring of filters to see if the colloidal suspension is compromised by the filter media.
While the NPK rating given on the bottle may appear low, its real value lies in the amino acids which are in the colloidal suspension.
All pigments are finely processed to wet out individual particles into colloidal suspension for high loadings (30% to 85% pigment), high letdown ratios, and maximum tinctorial strength.
In a different application, researchers are studying using the system to determine the charge and size distribution of particles in a colloidal suspension for use in the chemical industry.
Sub Head: S/I/T/C Of Equipment To Convert Solid Hardness Salts To Colloidal Suspension In The Condenser/ Chiller Of Ac Plant.
For the reader's information, the alcoholic solution is tincture of iodine and the colloidal suspension is a saturated aqueous solution of diatomic iodine, [I.
Specializing in the fields of oil and greases, colloidal suspension and coagulation, Puddington discovered the tilted settling process that is now used worldwide in mineral extraction procedures.
A capacitive dielectric probe is essentially a parallel-plate capacitor immersed in the colloidal suspension.
The Ballistic Impact Characteristics of Woven Fabrics Impregnated with a Colloidal Suspension and Flattened Rolls - Chun Gon Kim, Il Jin Kim, Gun Lim, Byung Il Yoon