colloidal solution

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a colloid that has a continuous liquid phase in which a solid is suspended in a liquid

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But using conjugation of the nuceotidesAuNPs and subsequent hybridization with target gene provide additional stability to the AuNP colloidal solution against charge neutralization as compare to the single stranded nucleotide conjugated to the gold.
Freshly prepared bigger size AgNPs colloidal solution was characterized by Dynamic Light Scattering.
The product is prepared by dispersing amaranth powder in water and enzymatically hydrolyzing it to make a colloidal solution, which is then filtered to produce a clear product.
The second step was to synthesize the hybrid polymer, that is, the polymerization of acrylamide monomers in an Al(OH)3 colloidal solution with [(N[H.
Immersing nylon 6 nanofibers into Ag colloidal solution with pH 5, Ag nanoparticles were assembled onto nylon 6 nanofibers via interaction between nylon 6 and protection groups of Ag nanoparticles.
Research has shown that a colloidal solution is an excellent way to use silver medicinally.
Supplied as a 35 g/L colloidal solution, it is mostly (75%) excreted through the kidneys via glomerular filtration.
Post-processing: Excess powder is removed, the shell is immersed in colloidal solution and then fired for hardening.
He sent a beam of light through a colloidal solution and viewed the light scattered at right angles to the beam through a microscope.
Hextend is an artificial colloidal solution classified as a plasma volume expander for supporting oncotic pressure as well as providing electrolytes to patients suffering from blood loss in surgery or from trauma.
The formation of AgNPs in the colloidal solution was monitored by recording the absorption spectra as the small noble metal particles reveal the absorption band in the UV-vis spectral region due to surface plasmon resonance (SPR).