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abnormally enlarged thyroid gland

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Colloid goiter and follicular adenoma occurred almost exclusively in the transient group (figure 2).
118 cases diagnosed cytologically as colloid goiter, histopathologically as nodular colloid goiter, some cystic degeneration was found within the colloid goiter.
Limitation of thyroid FNAC we faced in this study is that: Since there is a group of lesions which overlap benign and malignant features, for instance, the distinction between a cellular colloid goiter and a follicular lesion was impossible so such cases had been excluded from the study [12,13].
of cases Cytological diagnosis Histological diagnosis 118 Colloid goiter Nodular colloid goiter 2 Benign follicular cells Microfollicular adenoma 2 Benign follicular cells Lympnocytic thyroiditis 82 Benign follicular cells Diffuse follicular Undifferentiated hyperplasic with malignant cells Malignant lymphoma 12 Malignant cells Papillary carcinoma 4 Suspicious cells Papillary carcinoma 2 Benign follicular cells Follicular carcinoma 150 Total Table 4: Comparison between sensitivity and specificity of our study with other studies (17).
Following the clinical examination, our differential diagnoses were colloid goiter, branchial cyst, and thyroglossal duct cyst.