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DIR -- District Head Quarter Hospital Upper Dir chapter, the Provincial Doctor Association (PDA) observed symbolically strike in the favor of their demands, one of their collogue which is on job at Hayatabad Medical Complex (HMC) shot by unknown people before a day's namely professor Dr.
Today as I think of my friends and family and congratulate them on the Holy Month, my heart goes out to my collogue Abdulkarim Al-Khaiwani who will be keeping fast (if his health permits) and spending Eid behind bars for no legitimate reason.
2) Ecole Centrale de Lyon, 36, avenue Guy de Collogue, 69134 Ecully Cedex, France
According to the details, one Zulfiqar alias Zulfi son of Gulzar resident of village Naqarchian Ghazi and lineman of PESCO sub division Wapda Ghaziwas brought in Tehsil Head Quarter Hospital Ghazi in seriously injured condition while giving his statement before the Ghazi police said that he was on his way home from complaint office Jhanian along with his another collogue Farhad son of Ishaq when near Aazam Daira on Pulian Road, Aazam Tareen son of Aman appeared on a motor cycle with a 30- bore pistol in his hand and started firing.
Apart from conducting workshops in various schools and train people to council and help victims of abuse, we have made four ad films for our digital campaign which will be going on social media supported by many collogues from our fraternity.
Member of Provincial Assembly (MPA) Ayesha Naeem stated that upon concern of her friends and collogues in regards to the people that can afford a dowry for their daughters; said that many girls in our society were getting deprived from marriage because their families could not afford dowry and in many instances dowry has been demanded from many families that have failed to provide it which has led to many girls being left unmarried, she says that this tradition was becoming a liability for many people which is why this bill is a fair way for everyone to celebrate their weddings in an affordable manner.
In the meantime, the villages of al-Ghariyeh al-Sharqiyeh, Alma, al-Soura, and al-Hrak in the Northeastern part of Dara'a countryside were the scene of heavy clashes between the Syrian army troops and the terrorists of al-Nusra Front, who left scores of their collogues killed and fled the battlefield.
It is estimated that we lose about seventy five percent of our time by talking with collogues that unfortunately half of these conversations are useless and do not relate to work and they kill the time".
A study done by Noar, and his collogues, (6) showed that the umbilical cord is a "subject very close to the parents hearts" and can be a source of immense anxiety for parents, with any delay in separation, discharge, odor, or granuloma causing a concern for parents.
The speaker maintained that police was suffering heavily and picking bodies of its collogues on daily basis but on the very next day another jawans assume duty on that point which was clear manifestation of its commitment and bravery in line of duty.
Caruana and his collogues (2002) argued that public organizations can provide new values for different stakeholders through undertaking an entrepreneurial approach toward current resources.
There are 10 of my other collogues who are gathered here from 10 different cities across the world and the primary purpose here is, this is an annual meeting of all the representatives of His Holiness the Dalai Lama and the Central Tibetan Administration.
Hence, the reality: If we are committed on the MA level to the overall success of program graduates, then we need to make sure TAs are equipped to be successful in all areas of professional life--as researchers, collogues, and especially as teachers.
Syria is one of the most dangerous places as at least 25 journalists have been killed and there have been many collogues kidnapped or lost since the beginning of the clashes in 2011," noted the association, calling for the release of the photo correspondent.
I attend the national pool and spa show and went on rewards trips where I networked with my collogues in the industry.