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a grouping of words in a sentence

the act of positioning close together (or side by side)

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Collocations are a complex but interesting area of study and learning.
In order to assess the validity of the collocations extracted and to compare them with the data from the BNC, certain quantitative measures were applied.
Because according to Nesselhauf (2003), comprehension of collocations does not normally produce problems for learners so that identifying learners' problems "must mean analyzing their production of collocation" (p.
Coast to Coast expects to have more than 50 collocations online within the next 12 months, outfitted with Siemens' TransXpress(TM) ALine hybrid ATM/SONET multiplexers and Fastlink next generation digital loop carriers (NGDLCs), and Accelerated Networks' AN-3200 DSL and T1 concentrators.
Getting these collocations into our network is one of those steps as is the building of the switches and integrating them with our next generation infrastructure including MetaSolv's Telecom Business Solution(TM) software and Daleen BillPlex(R) convergent system.
Our aggressive deployment of DSL equipment in our collocation environments will allow McLeodUSA customers to benefit from high speed data transmission in support of their business objectives.
Accelerated DSL and T1 access concentrators located in Cooperative collocations will concentrate subscriber lines, which will then be linked into Siemens' EWSD Class 5 switches at Cooperative's switching centers using Accelerated's voice services gateways with GR-303 signaling.
The combined company is expected to have 40 networks operational by year-end 2001 with over 9 million addressable business lines, more than 25 million total addressable lines and approximately 450 collocations in service.
Network Plus chose NEESCom and its high-speed fiber-optic telecommunications networks based on the company's ability to add 129 collocations to the Company's network while lowering operating costs over the next 18 months.
The Lucent 5ESS switch is equipped to serve up to 80,000 lines and initial roll-out of 25 collocations in the Atlanta, Georgia, area, with a total 41 planned for the end of 2001.
One of the largest mergers in CLEC industry history, Elantic's 800 employees will service more than 67,000 local access lines with over 1,500 miles of fiber, 8 state-of-the-art switches, and 140 collocations in 16 markets on the eastern seaboard.
In total, Integra Telecom operates 72,000 access lines, eight switches, and 80 collocations in five states.
McLeodUSA Incorporated (Nasdaq:MCLD), one of the nation's leading providers of voice and data services, today praised the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) for ruling that competitive telecommunications carriers have the right to install state-of-the-art equipment in collocations owned by incumbent local exchange carriers (LECs).
At June 30, 1999, MGC reported a company-wide total of 109,480 lines sold and installed and 248 collocations providing access to approximately 13.
By offering collocations services through retail sales channels, today's announcement signals a rapid expansion of the availability of Net2000's collocation arrangements for safe storage and protection of mission-critical hardware and information.