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a grouping of words in a sentence

the act of positioning close together (or side by side)

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DALLAS, May 5 /PRNewswire/ -- Collocation Solutions, LLC, a leading provider of customized datacenter infrastructure and managed network services, today announced that the company has demonstrated extraordinary growth by more than doubling the amount of total contracted customers in the last twelve months.
DALLAS, March 17 /PRNewswire/ -- Collocation Solutions, LLC, a leading provider of customized datacenter infrastructure and managed network services, today announced it has installed its 'Virtual Core' infrastructure in its western-most Tier 1 datacenter located in Las Vegas, Nevada.
Some very critical points are touched by Infrastructure Management in Colocation Data Centers, when it comes to introducing DCIM technologies into a collocation data center.
MarquisNet's new disaster recovery service center compliments the company's collocation services and constitutes a good insurance policy in itself by allowing business continuity in the event of fire, flood or other disaster," said COO Glenn McKay.
The new program is being spearheaded by Collocation Solutions' Executive Vice President Don Frasier.
DALLAS and LAS VEGAS, May 14 /PRNewswire/ -- Collocation Solutions, LLC, a leading carrier-neutral, build-to-suit data center infrastructure service provider, announced today that they were selected as the Mirrored Hot Site Tour provider for the Contingency Planning Management Conference in Las Vegas, Nevada.
The addition of COMDEPOT's Virtual Core to the new Virtualized Business Continuity Service will enhance Collocation Solutions Mirrored Hot Site offering for Disaster Recovery IT back-up solutions by automating business continuity solutions through COMDEPOT's Virtual Core.
They also have a collocation presence in Milwaukee, WI, London, UK, and Sydney, AU.
Time Warner Telecom is also delivering its Ethernet Internet access service at the company's collocation facility for Vitafoam's corporate Internet access company-wide.
The COMDEPOT business was acquired by and is a subsidiary of Collocation Solutions, L.
In addition, FDN provides web hosting, collocation, and application services throughout its operating footprint in the Southeast US.
based provider of managed services, collocation, hosting and connectivity, today announced an educational seminar on disaster recovery and risk mitigation for small and medium size businesses.
In order deploy networks to meet this rising demand, collocation will need to play a major role.
Collocation Space Reservation: Qwest will now offer wholesale customers the ability to reserve collocation space.
Nasdaq: SITE), a leading provider of outsourced antennae site and network services to the wireless and broadcast industries, today reported that in the second quarter ended June 30, 2000 the company added 360 new collocation tenants to its portfolio of owned towers, resulting in an annualized collocation lease-up rate for the period of 47%.